SWTOR datacron locations guide


Presence + 2 (X: 2319, Y: 472)

Head to the location on the map in the Old Galactic Market - you must use an elevator to reach the datacron.

Yellow Matrix Shard (X: 949, Y: -2262)

Head to The Works and head to the location in the map (1165, -2282).

Jump up on the boxes and onto the drainage pipe.

Keep running along the pipe until you reach the junction above.

Jump across to the left-most set of pipes and continue on until you reach the gap above.

Jump the gap onto the next set of pipes, follow it up, and you’ll reach the datacron.

Strength +2 (X: -3088, Y: 538)

Located in Mezzanine of the Jedi Temple.

Head to the broken archway above.

Run up the makeshift ramp and turn around - you should see the datacron glowing in the distance.

Run along the ledge and jump down onto the datacron’s platform.

Endurance +2 (X: -3625, Y: -1293)

Located in the Black Sun Territory. Find the trash heap above (see map for exact location).

Behind the junk pile is a series of boxes and barrels. Ascend the trash until you reach the ledge above. Follow it and cross the pipe to your right.

Then cross back along the pipe farther up as shown above.

You’ll see the datacron off to the right - continue along the path to reach it.

Cunning +2 (X: 1022, Y: -1036)

In Justicar Territory, ascend the crates seen above.

Next, travel across the pipe and jump on the series of pipes it leads to.

Climb up the arched pipe seen here...

...and jump onto the raised platform to reach the datacron.