SWTOR datacron locations guide

Balmorra - Empire

(Some are the same as Republic locations)

Strength +2 (X: 727, Y: 2033)

Follow the road south out of Sundari Imperial Outpost to Gorinth Canyon. Head to the secret path at 690, 149 (see map).

Follow path to datacron.

Aim +2 (X: -1017, Y: 1514)

Located inside the Okara Droid Factory at -1024, 136.

Once inside, take the lift down to the Assembly Line. Go behind one of the assembly lines and jump down to the ground floor.

There is a hidden entrance behind one of the columns. Once inside, drop onto the pipe with datacron.

Willpower +2 (X: 191, Y: -346)

This one is locked inside of a space chest. First, go under the platforms to the water below Farnel Research Facility and find the vendor across the pond at 672, 38 (see map).

Buy a Lost Code Cylinder from him, then take it to the space chest on the broken bridge at 191, -346.

Cunning +2 (X: 1853, Y: 111)

Run through the Balmorran Arms Factory and take the elevator up to the second level. Exit the factory and run to the docks on the east side of the map. The datacron is underneath the northernmost dock.

Green Matrix Shard (X: -505, Y: 1990)

This one requires two people. Enter the Neebray Warehouse located at (-472, 1924) and use the elevator to get to the second level.

Here, both you and a party member must simultaneously activate the two switches to lower the force field and reach the datacron.