SWTOR datacron locations guide


Cunning +4 (X: 426, Y: 124)

Head to the pipe shown above (see above map).

Jump up on to the ledge above the pipe and head to the right until you reach the ledge shown here.

Jump down and follow the fence until you find a break.

Head through and locate the datacron inside (see map for exact location).

Endurance +4 (X: 207, Y: 57)

Find the cave entrance just south of the Imperial Outpost at -9, 62.

Once inside, find the computer terminal just outside the central chamber. If you don’t have a friend with you, position yourself so you can reach the switch from inside the chamber (as seen above). Activating this will seal off the room and fill it with poisonous gas, which must be vented by activating two terminals from inside. First, activate the easternmost terminal, then the western one. This will deactivate the force field at the south end of the room, which is where the datacron is located.

Strength +4 (X: 555, Y: 163)

Jump up onto this stone slab near the Imperial Garrison wall at 474, 146.

Just keep following the path until you reach the datacron.