SWTOR datacron locations guide

Dromund Kaas

Strength +2 (X: 855, Y: 643)

First, go to the south elevator of the Dromund Kaas Spaceport on the map and go to Docking Bay D-61.

Next, run up the ramp and head to the crates to the right at the top.

Drop down onto the steel beams above and run to the datacron.

Presence +2 (X: 581, Y: 798)

Take a left on the path right after you exit Dromund Kaas Spaceport. Follow it until it dead ends and look to the right of some glowing plants (seen above) to find a secret passage.

Follow this to the datacron.

Cunning +2 (X: -1219, Y: 209)

Run to the fork in the road just west of Kaas City and jump up onto this set of rocks (seen above).

You’ll need to run around this path to drop down to the datacron’s location, which can be seen in the distance.

Yellow Matrix Shard (X: -187, Y: 1738)

First, head to the hidden entrance to the datacron, which is found at -22, -117 (picture A).

Follow the path to the datacron.

Endurance +2 (X: -793, Y: 1450)

Find the hidden path near Lord Grathan’s Estate (above)--it’s near the small pond at -690, -45.

Follow this to reach the datacron.