SWTOR datacron locations guide

Balmorra - Republic

Aim +4 (X: 191, Y: -346)

This one is locked inside of a space chest. First, go under the platforms to the water below Bug Town and find the vendor across the pond at 672, 38 (see map).

Buy a Lost Code Cylinder from him, then take it to the space chest on the broken bridge at 191, -346.

Cunning +4 (X: -1017, Y: 1514)

Located inside the Okara Droid Factory at -1024, 136.

Once inside, take the lift down to the Assembly Line.

Go behind one of the assembly lines and jump down to the ground floor. There is a hidden entrance behind one of the columns. Once inside, drop onto the pipe with datacron.

Presence +4 (X: 730, Y: 2030)

Just south of Lower Sundari Outpost in the Gorinth Canyon is a hidden passage, which is located at 716, 1856. Follow it to the datacron.

Endurance +3 (X: -485, Y: -233)

This is located inside the Colicoid Queen’s Nest (entrance at -190, -291).

Find the hidden passage inside the chamber to the left at -358, -230.

Willpower +4 (X: -779, Y: 2069)

First, follow the road south of Lower Makaran Outpost into Gorinth Canyon.

Follow along the road until you find the pipe extending from the western cliff (see above image and map).

Run along the pipe and look for the datacron on the other side of the canyon.