SWTOR datacron locations guide


Endurance +2 (X: -32, Y: -36)

Enter the cave in picture / map (coordinates -26, -30)...

...and follow the passage to reach the datacron.

Willpower +2 (X: -641, Y: 35)

Enter The Ruins of Kaleth and enter the collapsed building in the picture / map above (-598, -9).

Inside, run up the fallen pillar, then the next pillar. This leads straight to the datacron.

Blue Matrix Shard (X: -94, Y: -93)

You’ll need to go to the southwest area of The Forge Remnants and head along the path shown above (see map for location, coordinates -170, 86).

Follow the path until you reach the second level of the collapsed building.

Jump down toward the enemy encampment, and you’ll see the datacron on the ledge to your right.