The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Flatbush Rooftops 

1: After the first checkpoint, you will need to use barrels to destroy the three rooftop ladders. After the master build, cross the bridge and then jump down, over the edge with Unikitty to the platform below where there is a rainbow door. Smash and go through to enter a saloon. Have Batman grapple to the second story and grab the gold page.

2: After you cross the steep rooftop and come to three more ladders and the Sheriff on the horse, use a dynamite thrower to break open the silver gate to the right. Once in there, drop to the lower level to find the third skeleton. Hit the target and receive the page.

3: In the same area as the previous page, use a female to swing across the gap and get to the roof. On the left side of it will be the next gold page.

4: During the final part of the game, you will be riding through the hills while enemies chase you. To get this gold page, you will need to shoot the three targets that are on white wagons parked to the side. Don’t worry if you miss them the first time, as long as there are enemies chasing you, you will ride in a circular track giving you an opportunity to hit them again.

5: Just like the previous page, this will require you to hit 3 platforms with enemies on them while being chased. Just like the wagons, if you miss the towers at first, as long as you have enemies chasing you, you will get unlimited chances to hit them again.

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