The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Bricksburg Construction 

1: Look for the security cameras around the area. There are two in the first area you arrive in, one to the left of where you pick up the drill, one beside the conveyer belt, and one at the top of the stairs. Make sure you get all these before getting the next page, as when you enter the padlocked area, the cameras will reset with some missing when you come back out.

2: At the start of the level, use a laser powered character to cut the lock off the fence to the right of the instructions tube and then go through. Head to the far right side and use Lord Business on the black and red platform. Walk through the rainbow barrier and hit the giant power switch to turn on the conveyor which will drop the gold instructions.

3: While in the same area is the previous gold page, use Lord Business to walk around and kick all the building in the area. After 11 walls are down, you will get the goods.

4: Once you reach the area where you need to construct the wrecking ball, go to the right side of the truck and there will be a rainbow wall. Have Unikitty smash through and the gold page will be inside.

5: At the very end of the level, you will fall down hole and collect studs as you go. After the bathtub section, you will land on your back with rainbows to the right and spikes to the left. Push right and you will fall again. Right near the end, inside a ring of studs will be the final page.

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