The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

The Final Showdown 

1: In the first area, destroy the three piles of ice that are all near each other to receive the page. Chances are you’ll even do it accidentally.

2: At the very start, in the same area as the previous page, there is an entrance to the building on the right that has a canopy over it. Hop up on it and press B/Circle to make the gold page appear high above. Fly up though the rings to grab it.

3: When you reach the first rooftop, there is a page floating above on the left side. Fly up with a character to reach it.

4: Once you reach the second rooftop, smash the three air conditioners on the right side that are beside the silver structure.

5: Remember the silver structure from the previous page about 10 seconds ago? Destroy them with dynamite and then go to the other side and do the same to the other structure. You will then receive the gold page.

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