The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Infiltrate the Octan Tower 

1: When you are on the ship in the starting section of the level, you will need to hit the 4 cannons that don’t have wheels to receive the gold page.

2: At the start of the level, take a few steps to the right to see a small door and a fireplate in front of it. Use a dynamite thrower to hit the plate and the door will blow open. Once inside, use a wrench on the gears to the right, the valve on the left, smash the board in the center, and finally use dynamite again on the fireplate to the left in front of the oven. Once you have hit all of them and rebuilt the signs, a switch will appear. Pull it to spin the wheel and the page will show up.

3: As soon as you start the second section, there will be gold canisters to the right side. Use lasers to destroy both of them and the gold page will appear.

4: When you reach the second checkpoint, after going through the large metal door, there will be a window on the far right. Fly out it and you will see the page floating there to grab.

5: When you reach the room with a ton of lasers, fly to the back left corner and use the terminal there with Lord Business. Walk forward to the large switch on the wall through the lasers and then take a few steps right to grab the page.

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