The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land 

1: In the first area, there are 4 fires to put out with the fire man. They are easy to spot, but the 5th and 6th are located on the upper level, after using the poles to swing up, on either side of the large bird.

2: To the right of the starting area, where the large spinning round platforms are, a gold page will be floating in the air there that you will need to use a flying character to reach.

3: Just to the right of the large bird, near where the second gold page was, there is a gold wall that you can cut through. Do so with a laser and the gold page will be inside.

4: Once you defeat the Micromanager Walker and use the laser on the rocket, put out the two fires near where it crashes, and the third fire at the top of the stairs after you use the elephant car to put out the larger fire.

5: The final gold page can be found halfway up the stairs where there is a silver windmill. Simply blow it up with a dynamite-throwing character to get the page out of it.

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