The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Flatbush Gultch 

1: You can grab this page when falling at the start of the level.

2: This can be a bit tricky, but there are 5 white sacks hanging from wooden structures that you need to jump and hit as you are rolling. The first is on the right side, you hit as jumping over a gap. The second is on the right just after it. The third is right before you enter the tunnel and the fourth is one the right when you ride the rails to the right side. The final one can be hit on the left side near the end. It is tough to hit them all in the first go, so it may take a few tries to nail them all in one run.

3: After the tunnel, ride the tracks to the right and jump over the gaps as they come to reach the gold instructions further down the tracks.

4: When you reach solid ground after rolling, use the fireman in free-play mode to put out the campfire. The gold instructions will appear there when the fire is out.

5: Once you are in the Saloon, and go up the left side after the table is destroyed, you will need to use Gandalf or Vitruvious to knock on the door beside the stairs. Once the door opens, walk in to get the gold page.

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