The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Broadcast News 

1: When you climb up to move the lights into the place, the card will be on the platform to the right.

2: On the far right side, there is a blue gear that needs to be wrenched on the side of the stands. Do so and the stands will retract showing a door. Go through and you can find the page at the far end of the table.

3: In the same room where the previous page was, go to the right corner and there will be colored keys on the floor. Watch the image to see the pattern you need to hit them in. Once you do it twice, the wall will come down revealing a page.

4: In the room after the TV studio, you can find this gold page floating at the far end of the room, up high in between the two platforms. Simply fly up to get it.

5: For this page you will need to use Metalbeard in the same room as the previous gold page. There are 6 sets of canisters that only Metalbeard can break. All six are easily spotted and easy to reach. Simply blow up each to get the page.

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