The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Escape From Cloud Cuckcoo Land 

1: You can find this first page on the rear of the sub at the start of the level.

2: Like the previous page, this one can be found at the front of the sub.

3: Once the rear part of the sub has been added onto with buildings, there will be three rainbow flags for Unikitty to destroy around the area. Smash each and the page will appear.

4: Right beside the first flag that Unikitty can break, there are two gold fans on the right side wall. Shoot them with lasers and the third and final fan which is to the right side behind a large clock to receive the gold page.

5: The final gold page is located behind the large white wall that lowers to create a bridge. Once it is down by destroying the flowers to the right and rebuilding them, there will be a drill square in the center. Simply drill it and the page will appear to the right.

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