The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land 

1: At the beginning of the level, go to the right and there will be a bunch of rainbow blocks in front of a pinwheel. Smash them with Unikitty and then hit the spring board. In the next area, use Batman and Vitruvious to reach the top the hill where Unikitty will need to build another spring board. Bounce on it and you will fly through the air to hit the page there.

2: In the first area, there are 5 pinwheels that you will need to hit in the center targets. All 5 of the targets are near each other, but go from left to right to find them all. Once they are all hit, you will receive the gold page.

3: For this page, you will need to build three snowmen around the area. The first is to the right of the large staircase, and two more atop the stairs on either side. Smash the yellow flowers and build the snowmen and the page is yours.

4: Once you reach the very top of the staircase, you can find this page above; between the snowmen you just built.

5: Once you use the springboard made out of toast in the dance club, you will be flung to a new area where you will need to find and destroy 5 grey clouds on the ground for the gold page. The five clouds stick out like a sore thumb and explode in lightning when destroyed. The first of which is directly to your left when you enter, the second is to the right near the teapot and the 3 poles, the third is to the left of the big bird, and the fourth and fifth are on the platform to the right of the large bird, where Vitruvious knocks.

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