The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Bricksburg Under Attack 

1: Just before you reach the large red tube, there will be an alleyway on the right side of the street. Run down there to collect the page.

2: On the right side just before the red tube, there are two signs; one for a hotel and one for fish. Hit both with the big guy and you’ll collect the page.

3: For this page, you’ll need to put out the 4 fires that are on the street with the fireman. The first two are at the very beginning, with the third to the left of the large red tube and the fourth will appear when the green and white tank falls off the roof.

4: When you reach the first check point, there will be a small structure with two gold gates on the front of it. Shoot the gates with a laser and then go down the stairs to get the gold page.

5: To the right of the previous page, build the statue there and the gold card will pop out.

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