The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Escape From Bricksburg 

1: When you jump to climb around the window, drop down to the black platform behind you and there will be a gold page there.

2: Once you enter Backstreet Breakout, go to the end of the street with the fences on either side. Here you will need someone who can shoot lasers to break the gold locks, and on the left will be a large rainbow flower. Get up to the balcony to find a gold page there.

3: Once you have the previous gold page, use Unikitty to break the flower and reassemble it into to a springboard. It will shoot you across to the right where you will need to use Vitruvious to cross a beam to reach the gold page up above.

4: At the end of the street, before you put the master build together, shoot off the gold lock and then use the terminal with Benny to turn off the power on the other side of the barriers. Once done, grab the gold page there.

5: When you are on the cycle, racing down the street, there will be 4 cops that come towards you in slow motion. Simply shoot and destroy each to get the gold page.

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