The LEGO Movie Videogame Gold Manual Pages guide

Escape from Flatbush 

1: At the beginning of the level, go to the very far left with a flying character and then switch to Unikitty to break the blocks there. Once smashed, the page is yours.

2: Once you build the catapult and launch the enemy through the logs, fly up where the logs were to see the page there.

3: After the cop car lands on the train, you will need to use Vitruvious’ staff on the side of the car so a female can shimmy along the edge. When you get about halfway, a door will open and you’ll get attacked. Take out the robot there and when he’s down, the page will appear.

4: When you reach the train car that has a large fire inside it, just in front of the instruction page you need to build the lift, you’ll need to cross over the top using Vitruvious. Do so and after you do the master build, you can come alongside the car, smash the water tank inside to put out the flames and grab the page inside.

5: Once the second train takes a dive, you will need to drill the roof of the other train and make a bridge out of pieces. Once you cross, drop down the opening and the gold page will be inside the train car.

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