Friday Link-A-Mania

* Classic video game Asteroids is set to become a movie, according to The Holywood Reporter . Universal has won a four-studio bidding war to pick up the film rights to the classic 1979 Atari arcade video game. Thing is, there wasn't exactly a story to Asteroids – you just sat in a triangle blasting away at wirefram polygons. Stupidly addictive as a game but it's going to take some imagination to turn that into a movie? What next? A movie of noughts and crosses?

* Samuel L Jackson reveals that he won’t be kicking ass in Iron Man. Nick Fury is still more jaw jaw than war war in the Marvel sequel: "Not this time, not yet. We still haven’t moved Nick Fury into the bad-ass zone. He’s still just kind of a talker." Looks like we may have to wait until the Avnegrs movie before we finally see the full-on, all-action Jackson-take on Nick Fury that we all have in our imaginations.

* is reporting that Thor producers are in talks with Jessica (Texas Chainsaw Massacre/The Illusionist) Biel to play the Thunder God’s love interest in the Kenneth Branagh-directed big screen Marvel comic adaptation. Or maybe she'll be playing the love interest of the Norse Thunder God’s Earthly alter ego, Doctor Donald Blake. They don't really seem sure... You can’t help thinking, though, she'd make a really good Godess (insert joke about "celestial body" here…)

* There’s a new online game for upcoming SF flick District Nine to play if you like running round and shooting things. You can play either humans or aliens, though it doesn’t really make much difference to the game play. But better than actually working on a Friday.

* CC2K has a script review of the Tron sequel: "…A script filled with problems and potential…
It's a sequel in the Die Hard 2 sense of the term. Meaning, it's less a pure continuation of the original narrative – like The Empire Strikes Back – and more a dutiful remake told on a larger scale and with a bigger budget. You know, like most sequels.”

* Ramon Rodriguez, the comic college roommate of Shia LaBeouf and one of the few brights spots of the awful 'Transformers' sequel, will likely have a bigger part in the sequel according to director Michael Bay in The LA Times .

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