Fortnite Skye's Sword locations: Where to search Skye’s sword in a stone found in high places

We've now arrived in Week 8 of the current season and those challenges keep on coming, so this time we've been set the task of searching Fortnite Skye’s sword in a stone found in high places. Staying true to the roots of Arthurian legend, our Agent's shimmering blue sword has been impaled through a number of rocks around the island, and if you want to clear their assignment for the Fortnite Skye's Adventure challenges then you'd better start tracking down the embedded blades. We've been busy Fortnite hunters seeking out these hidden weapons, so if you're ready to search Fortnite Skye’s sword locations then we've got all the information you need.

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Fortnite Skye's Sword locations

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We've marked all of the Fortnite Skye's sword locations we've found on the map above, and although you only need to find and search five of these stones found in high places we've tracked down a total of nine appearances, giving you options for where to go to complete this challenge. As with similar assignments in the past, opposing players can't destroy the stones found in high places, so there's nothing to stop you searching Fortnite Skye's swords at any time during your matches. With reference to the grid coordinates and any Fortnite landmarks or named locations close by, here is where to go the search Skye’s sword in a stone found in high places:

  • A4: West of Sweaty Sands, just southwest of Crashed Cargo
  • A2: Southwest of The Shark, just south of Coral Cove
  • C2: Northwest of Pleasant Park, just west of Durrr Burger
  • E3: Southeast of Pleasant Park, just southwest of Blue Steel Bridge
  • F2: East of Craggy Cliffs, just northeast of SHADOW Safe House Charlie
  • H3: South of Steamy Stacks, near the northmost pylon
  • F5: Northeast of Lazy Lake, just south of Fork Knife
  • H5: North of Retail Row and west of The Grotto, on the mountain peak
  • H7: Southeast of Retail Row, just east of Mount H7

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