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FIFA 20 fastest players: Adama Troare and Kylian Mbappe outrace the competition

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Speed has been toned down in this year’s footballing behemoth, but that hasn’t slowed demand for the list of FIFA 20 fastest players. However much EA tries to balance pace with other key real-life attributes, there will always be those who wish to build an Ultimate Team of Usain Bolts. While you can’t sign Bolt in FIFA 20, you can still build a squad boasting Olympian quickness – although as you’re about to discover, it gets expensive. Below we profile the cards which make the FIFA 20 fastest players list, and how much they’ll cost you.

Note that we’ve only included standard items – rather than special cards such as FIFA 20 Ones to Watch or TOTW cards. Also, given their cost and rarity, FIFA 20 Icons are excluded. All prices are correct as of early December.

1=. Adama Traore (Wolves) - 96 pace, 74 overall

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After a couple of false starts the Wolves winger has finally established himself in the Premier League. He’s an unpolished diamond in FIFA 20 - 57 vision, 58 finishing - but that incredible speed means his silver card still goes for north of 5K. He also has a TOTW card with a pace rating of 97, and - scarily - a Halloween card that takes that key stat up to 98. Cost of the latter? 270,000 coins.

1=. Kylian Mbappe (Paris SG) - 96 pace, 89 overall

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Their pace ratings may be identical, but there’s a slight price discrepancy between the two players atop this list. Traore costs 5K. Mbappe costs 900,000. Should you break the bank for him, you’re also getting ratings of 91 dribbling, 90 ball control, and 89 finishing. Mbappe has three special cards in addition to his rare gold, the best of which, a Champions League TOTT item, boasts 98 pace and a 91 OVR. That one’s a staggering 2.6 million.

3=. Leroy Sane (LW, Manchester City) - 95 pace, 86 overall

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AWOL from the City line-up for much of this season after suffering a serious knee injury, Sane remains as devastatingly effective as ever in FIFA 20. For 91K you get 88 dribbling, 83 crossing, 87 shot power and 86 agility, in addition to those big pace and OVR numbers. He’s also one of the few elite Premier League left-wingers with a natural left foot.

3=. Gelson Martins (RM, AS Monaco)

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The Portuguese wideman has a 97-paced special card available as a Season 2 objective, but even his common gold is useful. That speed rating is killer, naturally, while 95 agility, 82 balance and 87 dribbling cause headaches for full-backs even when he isn’t travelling at full pelt. Available for 900 coins, he represents fantastic value for money.

3=. Kensuke Nagai (ST, FC Tokyo)

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95 acceleration, 95 sprint speed, 94 stamina, 82 agility, 81 jumping. Sounds promising, right? Sadly, the list of Nagai’s strengths abruptly end there. With 63 finishing and 65 heading accuracy he’s unlikely to win Division Rivals matches for you, even as a bench option. Still, at 500 coins you could build a super-cheap silver side around him for some Squad Battles fun.

3=. Anibal Chala (LB, Deportivo Tocula) - 95 pace, 66 overall

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A big hand, if you’d be so kind, for the quickest defender in FIFA 20. Chala’s league (Liga MX) and nationality (Ecuador) make fitting him into a starting line-up difficult, but for a swift option off the bench he’s worth shelling out 900 coins. Just don’t get too expansive. 54 short passing, 59 crossing and 54 dribbling do not equate to a match-winner.

7=. Sadio Mane (LW, Liverpool) - 94 pace, 88 overall

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Can’t afford Mbappe? Instead consider Liverpool’s talismanic Senegalese. Sane is available for around 250K, and is devastating as a striker with slightly reduced chemistry despite being listed as an LW in-game. 92 agility, 90 reactions, 90 positioning, 87 finishing: pick him up now and see return from this card all the way through to FIFA 21.

7= Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (ST, Arsenal) - 94 pace, 88 overall

(Image credit: EA)

Sitting on a coin mountain and want to build a sweaty Premier League strike force? Nab Auba for 120K and pair this card alongside Mane. You won’t be an aerial force, but the effectiveness of crossing and heading is reduced this year anyway. You will score unending goals on the deck instead, with the Gabon great’s 89 finishing, 90 positioning and 87 reactions marrying up perfectly with Mane’s myriad strengths.

7=. Daniel James (LM, Manchester United) - 94 pace, 72 overall

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In addition to turning heads in an impressive debut season for United, James beat out Norwich’s Todd Cantwell for the left-sided spot in our team of Premier League stars who deserve FIFA 20 winter upgrades. Incredibly, he’s currently only a silver card, but that will surely change in February - with ratings such as 63 vision and 68 crossing boosted when the Welshman goes gold. His current item can be grabbed for 1,700 coins.

7=. Elliott List (ST, Stevenage) - 94 pace, 62 overall

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The only bronze player on this list actually shares his 94 pace rating with two other players of the same card type: Doncaster right-midfielder Alex Kiwomya, and Slask Wroclaw winger Przemyslaw Placheta. With List and Kiwomya also sharing the same nationality (England), picking up both gives you the makings of a fun all-bronze squad. List goes for 550 coins, Kiwomya discard value of 200.

Plus 14 more players on with 94 pace:

(Image credit: EA)
  • Douglas Costa (LM, Piemonte Calcio) - 94 pace, 84 overall
  • Inaki Williams (ST, Atletic Bilbao) - 94 pace, 82 overall
  • Ismaila Sarr (RM, Watford) - 94 page, 78 overall
  • Frank Acheampong (ST, Tianjin TEDA) - 94 pace, 77 overall
  • Luis Advincula (RB, Rayo Vallecano) - 94 pace, 74 overall
  • Jurgen Damm (RM, Tigres) - 94 pace, 74 overall
  • Tom Barkhuizen (RM, Preston North End) - 94 pace, 71 overall
  • In Seong Kim (RM, Ulsan Hyundai) - 94 pace, 71 overall
  • Kakuta Manneh (FC Cincinnati) - 94 pace, 68 overall
  • Jonas Aguirre (Rosario Central) - 94 pace, 68 overall
  • Cristi Barbut (Craiova) - 94 pace, 68 overall
  • Mathis Bolly (RM, Molde) - 94 pace, 65 overall
  • Alex Kiwomya (Doncaster Rovers) - 94 pace, 64 overall
  • Przemyslaw Placheta (Slask Wroclaw) - 94 pace, 64 overall

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