FIFA 20: Release date, gameplay details, Volta Football, trailers and more explained

FIFA 20 release date gameplay Volta trailers

It should come as no surprise that FIFA 20 is the next instalment in the FIFA series. If it was anything else, there'd be an absolute uproar because FIFA has been a staple footballing series for almost 25 years. It's come a long way in that time and FIFA 20 promises to implement more gameplay changes and features that will make it the ultimate football simulator. In theory, anyway. Here's everything we know about FIFA 20 including the release date, game modes, trailers, and more.

FIFA 20 release date and platforms

First up, the FIFA 20 release date. Revealed during EA Play at E3 2019, FIFA 20 is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch (Legacy edition) on September 27, 2019. No huge surprises here then, because previous FIFA games have all released around the same time lof year.

If you're an EA/Origin Access subscriber, you'll be able to get access to FIFA 20 before anyone else. The exact early access period you'll be granted isn't confirmed, but it tends to be about five to seven days. If you pre-order FIFA 20 digitally before release, you'll also gain access on September 24, three days before the global launch.

FIFA 20 gameplay details

FIFA 20 is all about something called "football intelligence". There's a lot to dive into here - and you can read more on the finer FIFA 20 details if you want specifics - but there's three core aspects to it. The first is "authentic game flow": Increasing the understanding of the game for AI players, so user defending is more impactful compared to how in FIFA 19, letting the AI defend for you is the best way to play. The authentic game flow also helps the game to feel more natural, with "realistic football movement for all players on the pitch".

"Decisive moments" is the second gameplay feature highlighted during E3, which has four brand new mechanics: Strafe Dribbling, Controller Tackling, Set Piece Refresh, and Composed Finishing. These are essentially four revamps to key aspects of a football match that will offer things like "more consistent and clinical finishing", and "more dimension to attacking options".

Finally, "ball physics" is the third improvement to help elevate FIFA 20 to be even more realistic. New shot trajectories and more realistic tackle interactions are two of the highlighted benefits here for better "physics-driven behaviour".

FIFA 20 Volta Football

Prior to its announcement at E3, we sat down with EA Canada to talk about everything Volta Football, which is essentially FIFA Street reincarnated within FIFA 20. Football is going back to the streets, as Volta is offering 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5 matches, with different rulesets within like professional futsal. In true FIFA Street style, you can kick a ball on a Tokyo rooftop or in an Amsterdam underpass, and it's the first time ever that men and women can play together in FIFA. Volta Football is one of our most anticipated features for FIFA 20 and we cannot wait.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Unfortunately, there was next to nothing shown off or explained when it comes to Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or any of the other features we love in FIFA. It's almost certainly still a thing though; Ultimate Team is EA's biggest money-maker across all of their games, and more details will likely surface at Gamescom in August. Career Mode and Pro Clubs have both been pushed to the wayside in terms of improvements for the last few years, but we're keeping our fingers crossed EA is giving them some much needed TLC.