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FIFA 20 update 1.16 patch notes: CONMEBOL Libertadores now playable

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The CONMEBOL Libertadores finally arrives in EA’s all-conquering football game via FIFA 20 update 1.16. Announced for FIFA 20 at the back end of last year, South America’s Champions League equivalent runs from December through to May, with Brazilian club Flamengo the current favourites. Its addition is the main focus of FIFA 20 update 1.16 – AKA FIFA 20 Title Update 12 – which also includes some tiny tweaks to Ultimate Team and Volta, and 17 new starheads.

FIFA 20 update 1.16: CONMEBOL Libertadores

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The Brazilian league is unlicensed in FIFA 20, so one of the key things update 1.16 brings is proper versions of Flamengo and Sao Paulo. Note, however, that you need to go into the actual CONMEBOL Libertadores mode (or select ‘CONMEBOL Libertadores' in kick-off) to play as these teams. As I write this, they’re not available in standard exhibition matches.

The mode effectively acts as a 32-team mini-career mode, although its inclusion also affects Ultimate Team in a very specific way: Argentine legend Juan Roman Riquelme joins the list of FIFA 20 Icons. The CONMEBOL Libertadores is also now a playable tournament within the main career mode. 

FIFA 20 update 1.16: gameplay

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We’ve reached the point of diminishing returns where FIFA 20 updates to gameplay are concerned, with the studio surely focused on FIFA 21 at this point. These are the only two, incredibly specific, gameplay tweaks in the new patch:

- Increased the impact of the Overload Ball Side D-Pad Tactic on in-game Stamina.
- Increased the impact of the Constant Pressure D-Pad Tactic on in-game Stamina in order to match the impact of Overload Ball Side.

FIFA 20 update 1.16: Ultimate Team

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A similar story to gameplay here, with two minor bug fixes the sum total of this update where FUT is concerned. Player Pick items were failing to display correctly on the FUT Champions end-of-match Rank Progression screen: EA says that issue has been resolved. An incorrect Quick Sell value when trying to quickly offload Squad Fitness Items from the Squad Actions menu has also been rectified.

FIFA 20 update 1.16: Volta mode

FIFA 20 Volta tips:

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Anyone out there still playing the five-a-side version of FIFA 20? If so, update 1.16 brings a couple of small, important tweaks. Instances of debug text appearing in the Volta shop have been removed, and a problem where “avatars recruited after the Tokyo event in the Volta story were incorrectly retaining an Attribute increase until Volta story was exited” has been fixed too. So there you go. 

FIFA 20 update 1.16: 17 new Starheads

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The FIFA 20 player faces just keep on coming, even though we’re into March - which is pretty good going for all the flak EA gets. According to the ever-reliable FIFA 20 Starheads thread, where the community tracks such updates throughout the season, these are the 17 new inclusions - 18 if you include West Ham manager David Moyes:

  • Juan Roman Riquelme (Icon)
  • Miguel Fraga (UNAM)
  • Alfredo Saldivar (UNAM)
  • Oscar Jimenez (Club America)
  • Juan Pablo Vigon (UNAM)
  • Luis Quintana (UNAM)
  • Ruben Gonzalez (Club America)
  • Martin Rodriguez (UNAM)
  • Miguel Herrera (Club Leon)
  • Leonel Lopez (UNAM)
  • Henry Martin (UNAM)
  • Pablo Jaquez (UNAM)
  • Bruno Valdez (Club America)
  • Nicolas Benedetti (Club America)
  • Jorge Sanchez (Club America)
  • Sebastian Cordova (Club America)
  • Antonio Lopez (Club America)
  • David Moyes (West Ham United, manager)

For even more detail on FIFA 20 patch 1.16, check out the official EA forums

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