FIFA 20 Volta: Tips and tricks to help you out-skill your opponents on the street

Tired of 11v11 and want to dominate the streets? We're here to help with our top FIFA 20 Volta tips, whether you used to stomp all over FIFA Street back in the day or you're brand new to this world of football like you've never seen it before. FIFA 20 is the latest instalment in the franchise with numerous improvements across the board, but our FIFA 20 Volta tips will help you get to grips with the biggest addition of all.

Nail the basics

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Training drills

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When you've played through the initial game in the Volta story mode, you'll have the option to play some training drills. Don't skip these! They're vital in helping you learn the intricacies of FIFA 20's Volta football, from dribbling to defending and everything inbetween. You can take on more skill games from the main menu if you want to revisit them.

Use skill points on upgrading your skill level

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Skill points

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Despite street football being all about skills, you only start with two star skills so you can only do the most basic of moves. When you earn some skill points, invest them in the skill moves attributes until you reach five star. Then you can really start showing off.

Jockey whenever you don't have the ball

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Jockey when off the ball

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Volta pitches are small enough that you can easily intercept the ball, since passing lanes are so tight. You just need to ensure you're jockeying whenever you're not in possession, by holding L2/LT and moving your player into the passing lanes. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find you're intercepting the ball a surprising amount. The same applies when your opponent is about to have a shot — jockey and your player should automatically block thanks to the new contextual defending.

Pay attention to players' favourite formations and home turfs

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Home turfs and favourite formations

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Like in Ultimate Team, chemistry is important in Volta. Three attributes contribute toward your chemistry; home turf, favourite formation, and position. Having multiple players with the same home turf will increase your chemistry, as will having players with the same formation you're using as their favourite. Of course, playing people in the correct positions also helps!

In Rush football, don't move your 'keeper on defence

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Don't move the keeper

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If you give the ball away to a counter attack and your opponents are through on goal with just your "rush" goalkeeper left to defend, it's tempting to control them and move them forward for a tackle. Don't. Instead, hold L2/LT to jockey like mentioned before and stay close to the goal in order to block as much of the net as possible.The smaller the space is to score, the less likely you are to concede.

Bounce the ball off walls to get it past opponents

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Use the walls

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If you're playing with walls, use them to your advantage! Opposition players will often close you down so if you have a teammate in space but can't pivot to send the pass, hit with some power against the wall and bounce it round the defender.

Simple skills are a godsend

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Simple skills

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If you hold R2 + L2/RT + LT and move with the left stick, you'll start doing simplified skill moves. These are essentially the best skill moves the game reckons you should use in your current situation. If you don't have a particularly high skill rating then these won't be impressive, but if you do, then you don't even need to learn the actual combos; the game will do it for you. Thanks!

Low power finesse shots are the best

FIFA 20 Volta tips: Low power finesse shots

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Due to the size of the goals in Volta, it's easy to put slightly too much power on the ball and smack it against the backboard. To prevent that from happening, the easiest way to ensure you always hit the target is to hold R1/RB for a finesse shot and not put too much power on it, to ensure it stays on ground level. Make sure your left stick is accurate and bam, you'll hardly miss a shot again.

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