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FIFA 20 mods: how to tweak your game on PC

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EA’s latest footy sim is solid but not perfect, which is where FIFA 20 mods come into play. Maybe you want to play with Juventus rather than their knock-off replacement, Piemonte Calcio, or perhaps you want to face CPU teams with more aggressive defenders. Thankfully, the PC version enables you to tweak FIFA 20 both on or off the pitch thanks to mods, which focus on improving the single-player offering. In this piece we’ll run through the best FIFA 20 mods currently available, with more to come over the next few months as the list of fan-created tweaks expands.

What can you change in-game with FIFA 20 mods? 

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To see the potential breadth of FIFA 20 modding, you just have to look at the mods available for FIFA 19. Players of last year’s entry tweaked everything from career mode options to AI aggression, squads to substitution rules, right through to entire gameplay overhauls.

For FIFA 20, the most complex mods aren’t available yet. That’s largely because a lot of them are built using the Frosty Tool Suite, which is currently only in alpha for FIFA 20. Over the next few months, you can expect modders to produce more mods with those tools.

But there are still some mods available right now. Currently, you can swap out squads and rosters, edit players, change career mode behaviour – such as the potential of your youth players – and change AI players to make them act differently on the ball.

How do you go about using FIFA 20 mods on PC?

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Many FIFA 20 mods aren’t “mods” in the traditional sense. A lot of the FIFA 20 changes rely on you downloading tools that edit the game, rather than downloading a discrete package of files, like you might elsewhere. Each of these tools has their own instructions: most of them have their own interfaces where you can edit values for the game. 

There are mods in the more traditional sense, too: you download a file, and then put it in the relevant place in your FIFA 20 files, usually in the FIFA 20 > Data folder. Again, each modder will have their own set of instructions.

Lastly, for squad files that overwrite default FIFA 20 squad files – useful if you want update transfers – you need to download the file and put it in your Documents > FIFA 20 > Settings folder. Then, when in-game, you go to the Customise screen, click Profile, then Load Squads. This video tutorial from modder FIFER is helpful.

In terms of finding new mods, a number of experienced modders have told us that this forum is a good place to find new downloads. This Discord server, ran by modder Aranaktu and frequented by FIFER, from the video above, is another good source of discussion and help.

Can you use FIFA 20 mods on console?

FIFA 20 best young wingers

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Sadly, you can’t mod FIFA 20 on console like you can on PC. If you’re playing on PS4 or Xbox One, you have to stick with the official version.

Are FIFA 20 mods illegal and/or unethical?

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Everyone will have their own opinion on this, but the upshot is this: lots of FIFA players use mods, and EA doesn’t seem to mind, which we find telling. If you’re only using mods to improve the single-player portion of your game, then essentially modding FIFA 20 is just like modding any other game. You’re not doing anybody any harm. Just make sure you deactivate any applicable mods before going online because, predictably, playing with mods online will get you in trouble. 

What are the best FIFA 20 mods/tools and how can I get them?

Right now, the FIFA 20 mods and tools you want are:

The FIFA 20 Live Editor

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Known as the Career Mode Cheat Table for previous FIFA versions, this is a tool from modder Aranaktu that lets you edit players, managers, budgets, career mode scouting, and lots more. The current version is a very early iteration, and you can expect it to expand in the next few months. However, it’s still fairly comprehensive: you can edit player data, change player training to give them unlimited sessions, hire free scouts, disable morale, reveal the potentials of every scouted player, give yourself unlimited subs, and much much more.

The full list of every current tweak is here. To check the current version of the FIFA 20 Live Editor, click here. Full installation instructions are here, and you can also watch video tutorials here (again, they’re by FIFER).

FIFA 20 Gameplay Mod

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Another work in progress mod, this time from long-time modder Paulv2k4. In future, the mod will make a number of core gameplay changes, including more direct AI dribbling, more AI shooting, more AI tackling and a “new ball control system”. Right now it’s still in alpha, and the main change makes dribbling skill more dependent on player attributes. You can download the mod, and find installation instructions, here.

Paulv2k4 is also creating a FIFA Modding Tool which, much like the Live Editor, will use a simple UI for you to tweak many aspects of FIFA, focusing on gameplay. It’s currently in bet. He’s also planning a full release of a mod to fix the issues with FIFA 20’s career mode.

Revolution Database Master

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Modders Rinaldo and Fidel (Doctor+ Productions)’s Revolution Database Master 19, or RDBM 19, was a staple of FIFA 19 modding. It enabled you to edit squads, players (including attributes) and other aspects of the game.

Fidel has now updated the mod for FIFA 20, and you can download it here.

FIFA Icons in Career Mode

FIFA 20 icons: Drogba

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These squad files from chicken222 let you put FIFA 20 Icons such as Zidane, Shearer and Giggs into your career mode as free agents. There are 24 squad files to choose from, with varying levels of Icon overall ratings and ages. You can view them all here and take your pick, then download them using the instructions on that page (it’s the same method described in the squad files section of “How do you go about using FIFA 20 mods on PC?” higher up this article).

Thanks to modders FIFER, Aranaktu and paulv2k4 for their help with this piece. FIFA 20 is out now. Want to base your career mode team on which has the best strip? Then you need our guide to FIFA 20 kits.

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