FIFA 20 tips: 8 ways to play your opponents off the park

It's endgame time in the world's biggest sports sim, but FIFA 20 tips remain as critical as ever – whether you plan to play online or off. With FIFA 20 elite teams dominating Division Rivals and Squad Battles doing cheaty things on higher difficulty settings, it's always good to have a competitive edge. Which is where GR comes in. Below we've cultivated eight key pieces of digi-footy scouting info, which should come in handy whatever your experience level. Welcome to your FIFA 20 tips guide. 

1. Possession is key

FIFA 20 Possession

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One of the major new aspects with FIFA 20 is that pace isn't quite as important as in previous outings, leading to a whole new style of play. No longer do you have to rely on 90+ pace wingers bombing up and down the side of the pitch, which means passing and retaining possession is even more important. Take time on the ball, pass it around deliberately in the midfield, and don't attempt quite as many through balls.

2. Timed finishing is still vital

FIFA 20 Timed finishing

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Timed finishing was introduced in FIFA 19 and returns this year. (Un)fortunately, it's still quite powerful; if you get a green timed finish on a belter from outside the box, there's a good chance it's flying into the top corner. The same goes for headers, whether you've got Van Dijk in the box to power it into the top corner or Messi has got down low to nod it in.

3. Experiment with different formations

FIFA 20 formation

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Finding the right formation for you is another crucial aspect because if you don't have a set up that compliments your style of play, you'll struggle to play fluid football. Whether you're a huge fan of a 4-4-2 formation that utilises a Brexit-style of route one football, you want three at the back to focus on attacking, or you want to overload the midfield with a 4-5-1, every option works if it fits the way you like to play. For more, hit our FIFA 20 formations guide.

4. Low crosses work the best

FIFA 20 crosses

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From my experience across the season, drilled crosses along the ground are the most likely to lead to goals. Heading is significantly much less effective than it has been in past games, so if you do have a winger beating his man to whip the ball in, try skimming it across the top of the grass instead of lofting it high.

5. Practice the new free kick methods

FIFA 20 free kicks

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Free kicks now have a number of different options on the right stick. You can go for a knuckleball, add curve, or try to dip the ball, and each one is effective in the right dead-ball situation. Don't expect to bang them in from the get-go, but if you head to the skill games on the main menu and practice them under the shooting category, soon you'll be the next Roberto Carlos.

6. When you've got the ball, do not sprint

FIFA 20 sprinting

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It's incredibly tempting to start running at defenders as soon as you gain possession, but it's also a brilliant way to lose the ball. When you get the ball, take your finger off the sprint button right away. Pass the ball around, biding your time, waiting for an opening. Even if you show off some slick skills to Ronaldo chop or Cruyff turn past an opponent, don't start sprinting. The only time this doesn't apply is if you're one-on-one with the keeper, in which case you better sprint or those defenders will catch you in no time.

7. Fiddle with your custom tactics

FIFA 20 Custom Tactics

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While your formation is absolutely key, amending your custom tactics and game plans is just as important. You can alter each individual mentality – from ultra defensive to ultra attacking – to have different attributes, including things like how wide your team shape is and how many players get in the box for crosses. You can even make it automatically change formation depending on your mentality, so you're ready for every situation.

8. Stop spending real cash

(Image credit: EA)

Okay, this is an off-field tip - but it's a highly critical one if you want to succeed in Ultimate Team. Basically, there's no reason to spend any real money in FUT: in FIFA 20, it's easier than ever to make coins, thanks to Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Open bronze and silver packs, then complete the available league SBCs to improve your squad and make monster in-game funds along the way. For an in-depth explanation, leap over to our FIFA 20 coins guide.

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