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FIFA 20 best young defenders: Solid youngsters to sign for your defence in Career Mode

FIFA 20 best young defenders
(Image credit: EA Sports)

With career mode fixed up by a number of patches, the FIFA 20 best young defenders list should come in handy for those wanting an extended Ultimate Team sabbatical. AWB, TAA and de Ligt all make the cut in FIFA 20, but there are some surprises on the list too – and developing youngsters over a number of seasons usually proves highly rewarding. Pace and physicality are two key attributes to look for, so our complete list of the FIFA 20 best young defenders has what you're after.

Matthijs de Ligt (Piemonte Calcio)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Matthijs de Ligt

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Kicking off the proceedings is Matthijs de Ligt, the hot transfer story of the summer. Rumoured to be moving to Manchester United, the young Dutch centre-back eventually moved to Juventus – which means he plays for Piemonte Calcio in-game – and the 19-year-old has already got an insane 85 rating. With a plethora of stats over 80 including strength, jumping, and aggression, this 6'2" youngster towers over attackers but also has a towering price tag, valued at a not-so-measly £45m. Is it worth it for his 93 potential?

Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Trent Alexander-Arnold

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Trent Alexander-Arnold – or TAA for short – is Liverpool's star right back who has become a formidable force this season in the Premier League. Currently rated 83 with an 89 potential, TAA loves an overlap as his best stat is his 88 crossing, followed by 83 standing tackles and 83 stamina. He'll set you back at least £28.5m at the start of the game though, so make sure you've got the dosh.

William Saliba (AS Saint-Etienne/Arsenal)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: William Saliba

(Image credit: EA Sports)

William Saliba is on loan from Arsenal at AS Saint-Etienne in the top French league, and the kid is a monster. Valued at just £4.1m, he's 6'4" with 76 strength and interceptions, followed by 74 jumping and 72 standing tackles. 88 potential is the result and while he's only got a 71 overall at the moment, he's definitely one for the future.

Eder Militao (Real Madrid)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Eder Militao

(Image credit: EA Sports)

This Brazilian beast has been on the radar of many after his move to Real Madrid, and his FIFA 20 stats show why. With an 81 overall and 88 potential, Eder Militao has numerous high attributes like 88 stamina, 86 jumping, 83 aggression, and 82 interceptions. He does cost £20.5m, but who cares when you can get one of the best young centre-backs in the world?

Ibrahima Konate (RB Leipzig)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Ibrahima Konate

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Ibrahima Konate is the definition of a no-nonsense defender, with standing tackles, strength, and sliding tackles being three of his four highest stats. Sprint speed is the other one which means this 20-year-old French centre-back can backtrack and win the ball like it's nobodies business. His 79 potential can eventually reach 88, and he's valued at £16m.

Dayot Upamecano (RB Leipzig)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Dayot Upamecano

(Image credit: EA Sports)

RB Leipzig love their high-prospect French defenders, huh? Dayot Upamecano is an absolute tank in defence, with both 88 jumping and strength, make sure he's marking the right attacker and you'll never concede a header. He's got a 77 overall with 88 potential, so for £12.5m you can't really go wrong.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Aaron Wan-Bissaka

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Aaron Wan-Bisska (AWB) was Crystal Palace's star player last season, which earned him a move to Manchester United over the summer. He's the definition of a pacy right back with 87 pace, but he's also a solid tackler as he has 86 and 83 sliding and standing tackles respectively. His 79 overall can eventually reach an impressive 88 though, which makes his £17.5m value not seem too high.

Cristian Romero (Genoa)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Cristian Romero

(Image credit: EA Sports)

Argentina loves producing great youngsters and Cristian Romero is no exception, plying his trade for Genoa in Serie A. He's a feisty centre-back with an astonishing 88 aggression, which is insane to say he's only currently rated 73. He can increase to 87 eventually though, so for £7.5m you've definitely got one for the future on your hands.

Achraf Hakimi (Borussia Dortmund)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Achraf Hakimi

(Image credit: EA Sports)

The first, and unfortunately only left back in the list is Achraf Hakimi, a Moroccan 20-year-old playing for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. He's also the fastest player on the list with 93 sprint speed and 90 acceleration, and when combined with his 83 dribbling, means he loves to bomb up and down the wing. Rated at 79 currently, that can eventually reach 86 later down the line.

Ki-Jana Hoever (Liverpool)

FIFA 20 best young defenders: Ki-Jana Hoever

(Image credit: EA Sports)

The youngest player on the list by a long shot, Ki-Jana Hoever is only 17, but Liverpool have an immense future talent here. He's certainly one for the future because he only has a 62 overall at the moment, but that can increase by a staggering +23 to an 85 overall later down the line. Right now, his highest stat is his 72 pace, but he's also 6'0" tall so expect him to be rock solid right back in a few years. Alexander-Arnold needs to watch his back!

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