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Exclusive Salvage preview at the SFX Weekender

Halloween might be just around the corner, but with the likes of Saw 6 and Halloween 2 fooling no-one the SFX Weekender is the place to be for big-screen scares.

We’re pleased to announce the Weekender will play host to a terrifying exclusive preview of the latest pant-wetter to hail from our very shores, Salvage. Set in the Wirral (and filmed on the old sets of Brookside no less) Salvage sees the residents of an entire cul-de-sac community placed into quarantine by a tough-as-nails black ops unit when a container ship transporting a dangerous cargo washes ashore nearby. Our guess is a pensioner who’s lost their bus pass. Or maybe not.

The film’s been generating some very positive buzz online and was one of just three films commissioned as part of Liverpool’s capital of culture Digital Departures Initiative. It’s full of recognisable British faces, and you can see it a full month before it’s released in cinemas, but only at the SFX Weekender, 5-6 February 2010.

So if you haven’t got your tickets yet, what are you waiting for? VIP passes are now completely sold out, but there are still classic and budget options available. For details on booking tickets and the other mind-blowing attractions lined up, head to the official SFX Weekender site .