Star Wars fans spot a Luke Skywalker nod from Anakin in Ahsoka episode 5

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 5! Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

Ahsoka Tano and her former Master Anakin Skywalker have one interesting reunion in the latest Ahsoka episode, with Anakin drawing his lightsaber and forcing Snips into a fight in the mystical World Between Worlds. Before they clash 'sabers, though, Ahsoka tells him, "I won't fight you."

"I've heard that before," Anakin replies, then takes a swing. The last time Anakin and Ahsoka fought, Anakin was Darth Vader, and Ahsoka had no real qualms about engaging him in a duel. She told him "I won't leave you" rather than "I won't fight you," too, so it's not a callback to that moment in the Rebels season 2 finale. 

Instead, it seems to be referencing Vader and Luke Skywalker's duel on the second Death Star, as seen in Return of the Jedi. In that fight, Luke tells his father, "I will not fight you." Vader, of course, continues the attack anyway, until his change of heart after the Emperor begins attacking Luke with Force lightning. 

"You can see it on his face, the acceptance, the guilt, the redemption and then the pride, it's SO phenomenally written and (especially) acted!" says one fan of the moment.

"I think he understands his place in the Force now, just as Ahsoka does. He was there to test her, and his Vader persona is essentially the ultimate test," speculates another person. "I think it adds some context to Kylo's conversations with 'Vader' too. Anakin must have seen and similarly talked to Luke. These strong Force visions are supposed to guide you to the right path. Palpatine got him to kill his dad the way he failed to with Anakin and with Luke." 

Ahsoka ends up duelling Anakin while he's in his dark side, Vader form, too, but ultimately comes to the realization that she wants to live – culminating in a Gandalf-style transformation symbolized by her new, white outfit

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