Tweets Of The Week

We’re not going to sugar coat it, celeb-following can make Twitter a tedious place; and one glance at a typical list of trending topics is usually enough to make even the most upbeat optimist lose all faith in the future of humanity. But every so often someone will post something that just makes the day better than it would have been without...

@ wilw Dog: I heard you think farts are hilarious. Me: Yep! Dog: Well, here, have one. POOT. Me: AHAHAHAAA-- *cough* Dude, you stink. Dog: I know!

@ elizadushku @wilw as if on cue, my dog @MaxFactorD just master-gaster # Pooted a # killer .

@ feliciaday @wilw @elizadushku my dog didn't fart, but his breath is awful, does that qualify me for the conversation?

Need we say anymore?

In other news last week was Halloween and as expected the streams were flooded with costumes, most of which were, admittedly, not great. However, if there was one thing we learnt from this year’s Halloween tweets, it’s that Jonathan Ross throws the best Halloween parties:

@ wossy Front of the house is finished. I love Halloween!!


And Paul Dini has a good stab at it too:

@ Paul_Dini Our house tonight, photo thanks to Bob Goodman.

Typical Halloween at the Dini's. Harley was in top form, though apparently Prof. Pyg lost his mask at some point.

Also, a word of advice, never enter a costume competition with Jimmy Carr, who pulled off the most ingenious costume we saw this Hallows Eve.

@ jimmycarr Better photo of Halloween Costume Number 1. I only wore it for two hours cause the damn dirty ape got tired.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ pattonoswalt Okay, so @eliroth just described his next movie to me. It involves anal beads, Kung fu and stars Russell Crowe. I am not kidding.

"Letting the Wookie win" -- getting cock-blocked by a pretty girl's ugly friend at the bar. # tatooinesexslang

@ GroovyBruce News: my scene in Oz has been cut before shooting. It happens on epic flicks. Disappointed, but all good w/Sam. On to the next adventure!

@ charltonbrooker Horror film plot: man syncs iPhone, loses all contacts. Now all the ppl whose numbers he lost will die unless he can install iOS666 in 24hrs

@ rustyrockets Dear @DAVID_LYNCH can you direct my gig on 29th? I'd like a macabre, non-linear dreamscape concluding with a larvae baby. RSVP

@ theaarondouglas All Along the Watchtower on in restaurant. I didn't notice until I found myself eyeing a beautiful small Indian woman w/ great suspicion.

@ DamonLindelof If they don't give me the name of the man in black (leather) soon, I am so gonna stop watching AMERICAN HORROR STORY.

@ RareLtd New Bond film shares name with Blast Corps vehicle! That's right: J-Bomb. Not really, it's Ramdozer. Not really - Cyclone Suit. Not really.

@ IAMKELLYBROOK Turtle heads


@ sutterink katey off to a FUTURAMA readthru. really want to go to one. maybe the next episode.

@ simonpegg Nice to hear Comedy Central showed Shaun and Fuzz this weekend and in true Halloween fashion were butchered beyond recognition.

@ allisonscag Watching Ginger Snaps. First time menstruation is exactly like getting attacked by a werewolf! Am I right, ladies?! # amiright

@ JoshuaEGomez # chuckfest3 Holler.