25 best Nintendo Switch games you can buy right now

There's so much to love about Ninty's latest console, especially the ever-growing list of best Nintendo Switch games. The little hybrid has so much going for it, from portability and instant multiplayer to a lovely screen and innovative controllers. and when it comes to choosing what games to play, figuring out what the best Switch games are can be quite a challenge, as there's an eShop bursting with brilliant titles. Of course, it's hard to escape the giants that are Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but there are other stellar games too like the RTS Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle or platformer Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition too. Oh, and did we mention that there are a ton of Nindies (Nintendo's indie games) around at bargain prices if you want to save some cash when splashing out on the best Switch games?

We're not quite sure how the Nintendo Switch has managed it, but we're not even getting started with all the games that the console has on offer. Overwhelming much? To help you decide which Nintendo Switch bundle is for you, to buy for your brand spankin' new console, we've listed the best titles available on the switch in ascending order from 25 to the hallowed number one spot. Oh, plus if even Bowser can't hold back your excitement for Nintendo's newest console, you'll want to take a look at our upcoming Nintendo Switch games to see just what's on the horizon.

25. Night in the Woods

Genre: Adventure
Price: $19.99 / £17.09  

What is it? A Nintendo Switch port of one of the best indie hits of 2017

Why should you buy it? If you haven't played Night in the Woods yet, the fact it's now on Switch means you literally have no excuse now. It's high on the list of best indie games of 2017, and although it might look like a cutesy adventure of cats, foxes and crocodiles in a colourful world, it's actually far darker than that. The story flows with sub-currents of mental health issues, concerns about identity and failure, death, mourning, love and all kinds of growing up pains, and it's all utterly brilliant. You play as Mae, as she works out how to come home after dropping out of college to a town that's not quite the same anymore, and is full of her past - both good and bad. Rhythm action, platforming and other gameplay tropes are all roped into telling Mae's story, and thanks to the fact it comes free with the Weird Autumn DLC, the Switch port is the best way to experience her journey. Just be prepared, the scariest monster in the dark woods is you.

24. Thumper

Genre: Rhythm action
Price: $19.99 / £15.99

What is it? Self described as a 'rhythm violence' game, Thumper sees you hurtling down a track as a giant bug perfectly hammering buttons to the beat.

Why should you buy it? Thumper might initially remind you of something a little gentler like Audiosurf as you glide down slick, stylised pathways with electronica in your ears but don't be deceived, this aural extravaganza requires a calm head and pitch perfect twitch reflexes. Initially your giant bug just requires a tap of A as you go over a light panel or perhaps holding a button as you crash around corners but before long you're tapping, flying, crashing down onto the track and causing tidal waves to destroy enormous floating heads... and that's only the beginning. Utterly unforgiving with a soundtrack that you can't pump into you head loud enough, Thumper is a treat for the senses and potentially RSI inducing for your thumbs. 

23. Perception


Genre: Horror
Price: $14.99 / £12.99

What is it? A horror game that's all about sensuality - but not quite what you think.

Why should you buy it? It’s not often that you have a blind protagonist in a game, but that’s exactly what Perception has done. You play as a young girl called Cassie, who’s trying to explain her nightmares by exploring a rather sinister mansion using echolocation and a useful text-to-speech app. As you solve the mansion’s various mysteries, it transforms and presents even more to uncover. Its narrative constantly keeps you feeling tense as you play, and despite the fact your playable character is blind, the experience is very visual. Put on some headphones and immerse yourself in this excellent psychological thriller ASAP. 

22. Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Genre: Action / Party
Price: $14.99 / £11.99

What is it? A co-op game about surviving in space.

Why should you buy it? If you’re looking for something that takes advantage of the multiplayer capabilities of the Nintendo Switch, then Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a co-op game worth splashing out on. You can play on your own, but it’s best played with two to four players, all working together to run your little spaceship. You’ll have to race between the different areas of the ship, whether that’s the engines, weapons or shields - space, after all, is a dangerous place. Unless you work together, you’re going to get overrun by evil space robots and nobody wants that. Thanks to the randomised levels, you’ll also get a fresh experience every time you play. And you will want to play it again, and again, and again.

21. Battle Chef Brigade

Genre: Action/Puzzle
Price: $19.99 / £17.99

What is it? Part match-three cooking sim, part action brawler. 100% delightful.

Why should you buy it? Battle Chef Brigade is a strangely desirable mash-up. It mixes match-three gameplay with a side-scrolling action game with fantastic results. As the title suggests, it’s also a blend of monster battling and cooking, but it’s miles away from your mama’s cooking game. Kill the beasts and then use their ‘parts’ as ingredients for your meal, so the onus is on you to become a more efficient fighter so you can gather supplies more quickly. The cooking is the match-three part, whereby matching elements together increases the flavour of your dishes, and therefore impressing the judges. It’s a flavour fusion that’s brilliantly addictive. 

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