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MGM Hires Writer For RoboCop
Last week we learned that Mexican director Jose Padilha had been the man hired by MGM to bring RoboCop back to the big screen, and now the company has found its scriptwriter. The man in question is Josh Zetumer, who so far has a CV of nearly-not-quite projects, reports Deadline . He wrote drafts for Dune when Peter Berg was going to direct it and scripted a fourth instalment of the Bourne franchise before Universal went off in a different direction. But he does have two other scripts currently in development: a spy thriller called Infiltrator which is currently with Warner Bros a potential Leonardo DiCaprio starrer, and a supernatural thriller called Vale , also at Warner Bros.

Smurfs Trailer
Your weekend can only get better after this.

More Doctor Who Filming Footage
Not quite as exciting as the cybermat revelation from a couple of days ago, but more from that James Corden episode…

John Connor Actor In Secret Circle
Heroes and The Sarah Connor Chronicles star Thomas Dekker has been cast as the male lead in Kevin ( The Vampire Diaries ) Williamson's drama pilot for the CW’s The Secret Circle (which is based on yet another series of books by LJ Smith). According to Deadline , the show tells the story of a young woman (Britt Robertson) who moves to a new town and discovers that not only is she a witch and part of a secret coven, but she’s also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle of good versus evil.

Super 8 Synopsis
Shock Till You Drop has published the official synopsis to JJ Abrams’s mysterious new film, Super 8 : “In the summer of 1979, a group of friends in a small Ohio town witness a catastrophic train crash while making a super 8 movie and soon suspect that it was not an accident. Shortly after, unusual disappearances and inexplicable events begin to take place in town, and the local Deputy tries to uncover the truth – something more terrifying than any of them could have imagined.” Still pretty mysterious, then…

Reznor Will Not Be Vampire Hunting With Lincoln
Trent Reznor (Oscar winner for his music for The Social Network) has published an official denial that he’ll be providing the music for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the Nine Inch Nails website: “Don’t believe everything you read. As it turns out, I WON’T be working on (acting or scoring) ALVH after all. There’s no juicy story here, it’s just that when the news mysteriously leaked out about my involvement I hadn’t made up my mind completely, because various aspects of the project were changing. I felt the need to say something earlier this week because my inbox was filling up with speculation, and at that moment I thought I would be doing it. Confused yet? Apparently I am. Bottom line, I wish them the best with the film and I’m sure it will still be great. Also, in all the excitement of the last note I forgot to mention we’re still fully engaged with the Year Zero mini-series, writing away.”

Lost ’s Man In Black Will Be Back In Black
Titus Welliver – the Man In Black from Lost – will be playing another man in black in the pilot for the CW network’s zombie show, Awakening . According to TVLine , “Welliver will play a mysterious figure with piercing eyes and a dark overcoat who is hunting the zombies behind the first wave of the awakening.”

Priestly Joins Haven
Beverly Hills 90210 and Tru Calling actor Jason Priestly is set to join the cast of the second season of Syfy’s Haven for four episodes, reports TVLine . He will play will play Chris Weekly, a brilliant, principled but anti-social marine biologist who must deal with an affliction most would consider a blessing. The mind boggles. Any suggestions what might be ailing him?


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