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Fortnite Spy Games: How to unlock SHADOW and GHOST tech, and beat the Fortnite Spy Games Challenges

There have been big changes introduced for the latest season, including the addition of a new type of game mode with the Fortnite Spy Games, along with a linked set of Fortnite Spy Games challenges to complete. This mode involves players choosing between SHADOW and GHOST, the two competing factions featuring in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, then taking part in Operation: Dropzone matches to collect intel and unlock tech for that team. This is certainly more in-depth that your average Fortnite LTM, so let's take a look at how it all works plus what weapons and items you can unlock.

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Fortnite Spy Games SHADOW and GHOST Tech

Fortnite Spy Games SHADOW and GHOST Tech

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As we mentioned previously, players need to choose between the SHADOW and GHOST factions, which can be done through the Spy Games option in the Battle Pass menu. The faction you select will be the one that unlocks new tech for your use as you progress through the Fortnite Spy Games, but at any point you can swap between the two factions to divert your progress in the direction you want.

When you're actually playing a Spy Games mode such as Operation: Dropzone, you'll be given an option of three different loadouts to choose from, and this will determine what weapons and items you have access to rather than gathering them as loot. At certain points through the match you'll be given a choice of another three random loadouts when you respawn, and your selection will be added to whatever you already had in your inventory. The Operation: Dropzone mode involves capturing intel drops, and for every five drops your team secures you'll unlock a new piece of tech for your pool of weapons and items. The Fortnite Spy Games SHADOW and GHOST Tech unlocks are as follows:

Fortnite SHADOW Agent Tech

Fortnite Spy Games SHADOW Faction

(Image credit: Epic Games)

  1. Fortnite SHADOW Starter Tech:
    Starter Submachine Gun
      Overprepared (increased starting ammo)
      Compact Bandage Bazooka
      Gunsmith (upgrade all your weapons to a higher rarity)
      Starter Pump Shotgun
      Part Fish (swim faster)

  2. Rapidfire SMG
  3. Shield Drip (gain shields over time)
  4. Decoy
  5. Run & Gun (improved hip-fire accuracy for all weapons)
  6. Submachine Gun
  7. Bandage Bazooka +
  8. Heavy Shotgun
  9. Pickaxe Run (run faster while holding your pickaxe)
  10. Jetpack
  11. Hand Cannon
  12. Decoy +
  13. Pump Shotgun
  14. Shield Steal (gain shields by damaging shielded opponents)
  15. Rapidfire SMG +
  16. Jetpack +
  17. Air Raid (deal increased damage while airborne for longer than one second)
  18. Clinger
  19. - 45. [redacted]

Fortnite GHOST Agent Tech

Fortnite Spy Games GHOST Faction

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Fortnite GHOST Starter Tech:
    Starter Assault Rifle
      Sneaky (move faster while crouching)
      Proximity Mine
      Therapeutic Swim (regenerate health while swimming)
      Starter Semi-Auto Sniper
      Speed Reload (reload all of your weapons faster)

  2. Scoped Assault Rifle
  3. Battle Ready (spawn with shields applied)
  4. Creepin' Cardboard
  5. Double Jump (jump twice)
  6. Assault Rifle
  7. Proximity Mine +
  8. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  9. Tracer Rounds (mark opponents you damage for a short time)
  10. Chug Splash
  11. Suppressed SMG
  12. Creepin' Cardboard +
  13. Semi-Auto Sniper
  14. Reinvigorated (instantly regain health after an elimination)
  15. Scoped Assault Rifle
  16. Chug Splash +
  17. Parting Gift (leave behind a Proximity Mine where you were eliminated)
  18. Shield Bubble (create a barrier that blocks bullets)
  19. - 45. [redacted]

Take a look through the lists above, and pick either SHADOW or GHOST depending on which tech best suits your playstyle. Remember that you can switch between factions at any time, so that gives you the option to try out both sides without having to make a permanent decision.

Fortnite Spy Games Challenges

Fortnite Spy Games Challenges

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  • Win a match in Operation matches (1)
  • Deal damage to players in Operation matches (1,000)
  • Eliminate Players in Operation matches (10)

Initially there are three Fortnite Spy Games challenges available, which can only be completed by playing the Operation: Dropzone match type. None of them are particularly difficult, so if you keep playing this game mode while eliminating opponents and chasing down the objectives then you should be able to tick them off fairly quickly.

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