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Sales of Red Dead Redemption shoot back up after that Xbox One backwards compatibility reveal

The message is clear. People still like Red Dead Redemption. So much so that John Marsden's gun-slinging adventures have rocketed to the top of the Amazon Movers and Shakers list after Major Nelson announced that its coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility on Friday

Sales are up a staggering 6329% on the Xbox 360 version as of writing and it's now 17 on Amazon's sales rank. It was previously 1,093. The number two game, up 1877% is the game of the year edition that includes the Undead Nightmare DLC.

Update: Amazon's percent change listings don't appear to refer to sales specifically, but instead to the sales rank of the item (via Twitter user ZhugeEX) . So Red Dead Redemption isn't selling 6,329% more copies, its rank in Amazon's PC and video game sales category just went up by that much. Still notable, but not quite the same thing.

It's now available for £10.49 on Amazon but if you don't care for the physical edition, it's currently on sale on the Xbox Store for the incredibly reasonable price of £8.74. Regardless of the way you want to get your sharp shooting hands on it, it'll be available to play on Xbox One this Friday. 

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Louise Blain
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