Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks: What weapons, items, horses, and more you'll unlock at each level

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks
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All the Red Dead Online rank unlocks ahead of you when you start playing include new abilities, items, skills, weapons, clothes, equipment and more. As you level up you'll find yourself capable of so much more, with each level granting you more to pick from and use. In fact, it can be downright confusing to know what you'll get as you level up with so much ahead of you, but we've laid out all the Red Dead Online rank unlocks ahead of you and what rewards you can expect to achieve as you master the Western frontier.

It should be noted that although these Red Dead Online rank unlocks will make the listed items available, you'll still need to go and purchase them to actually add them to your inventory ready for use, so don't get too excited until you have enough RDO$ in your account. Also, the listing below is based on players using a male character – although there's plenty of crossover, female characters do have some different clothing and outfit options which replace certain male clothing unlocks. For more details, take a look through the appropriate section of the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. catalogue.

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Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 5-20

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 5-20

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rank 5 (850 XP)
Weapon: Pump-Action Shotgun
Clothing: Military Jacket
Horse Accessory: Steel 'Duck Bill' Horn

Rank 6 (1050 XP)
Clothing: Common Flat Cap, Military Slouch Hat
Horse: Belgian Blond Chestnut Coat, Belgian Mealy Chestnut Coat

Rank 7 (1250 XP)
Weapon: Bolt Action Rifle
Clothing: Folded String Tie, Millard Boots, Paddon Shirt

Rank 8 (1450 XP)
Weapon: Throwing Knife, Varmint Rifle
Clothing: Crossback Detail Suspenders, Tillman Cap
Horse Accessory: Cholla Blanket

Rank 9 (1650 XP)
Weapon: Schofield Revolver
Clothing: Blackburn Boots, Hartman Jacket, Leather Gloves, Richfield Vest

Rank 10 (1875 XP)
Ability: 1st Passive Slot, Horseman (Combat), Come Back Stronger (Recovery)
Weapon: Bow
Clothing: Cavalier Hat, Durham Coat, Fieldwork Hat, Millwright Boots, Townsend Gloves
Horse Accessory: Birch 'Wide Belly' Horn

Rank 11 (2100 XP)
Weapon: Repeating Shotgun
Clothing: Sheep's Wool Jacket, Worn Stovepipe Top Hat
Horse Accessory: Owanjila Blanket

Rank 12 (2325 XP)
Weapon: Lancaster Repeater
Clothing: Deadboot Gun Belt, Tanned Half Chaps, Weathered Half Chaps, Workman's Gloves
Horse Accessory: Dreadlock Mane, Dreadlock Tail

Rank 13 (2575 XP)
Weapon: Rolling Block Rifle
Clothing: Buckskin Pants, Cotorra Boots, Gerden Rider Spurs, Sackett Pants, Varmint Hat
Horse Accessory: Birch 'Dally' Horn

Rank 14 (2825 XP)
Ability: Peak Condition (Recovery)
Accessory: Fishing Rod, Live Worms
Clothing: Crossback Suspenders, Neckerchief
Horse Accessory: Dakota Saddle

Rank 15 (3050 XP)
Weapon: Cleaver
Clothing: Rutledge Vest, Straw Boater Hat, Woolen Hat
Horse: Shire Dark Bay Coat, Shire Light Grey Coat
Horse Accessory: Manzanita Blanket
Camp Upgrade: Lean-To Tent

Rank 16 (3300 XP)
Ability: Necessity Breeds (Combat)
Weapon: Dynamite
Pamphlet: Horse Ointment
Clothing: Cabrera Pants, Comstock Boots, Everyday Overshirt, Horsfall Overshirt
Horse Accessory: Aspen 'Thick Neck' Horn, Belanger Saddle

Rank 17 (3575 XP)
Weapon: Double-Action Revolver
Clothing: Bowler Hat, Caldwell Hat, Horsemanship Gun Belt, Knitted Gloves

Rank 18 (3825 XP)
Ability: Landon's Patience (Combat)
Weapon: Lichfield Repeater
Clothing: Citadel Boots, Marshall Coat, Military Half Chaps, Neat String Tie
Horse: Suffolk Punch Red Chestnut Coat, Suffolk Punch Sorrel Coat
Horse Accessory: Bayou Blanket, Braided Mane, Braided Tail

Rank 19 (4100 XP)
Weapon: Sawed-Off Shotgun
Clothing: Chuparosa Poncho, Stenger Deluxe Spurs, Tuxedo Shoes, Valdez Vest

Rank 20 (4125 XP)
Ability: 2nd Passive Slot, Hunker Down (Defense)
Accessory: Binoculars
Pamphlet: Special Snake Oil
Clothing: Gerden Morrow Spurs, Teck Scarf, Worsted Coat
Horse Accessory: Steel 'Dally' Horn, Rio Bravo Blanket

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 21-40

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 21-40

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rank 21 (4150 XP)
Weapon: Volcanic Pistol
Clothing: Becker Half Chaps, Heathland Chaps, The Schefield Outfit, Stalker Hat
Horse: American Paint Overo Coat, American Paint Tobiano Coat, American Standardbred Black Coat, American Standardbred Buckskin Coat, Appaloosa Blanket Coat, Appaloosa Leopard Blanket Coat

Rank 22 (4175 XP)
Ability: To Fight Another Day (Defense)
Weapon: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Pamphlet: Small Game Arrow
Clothing: Batwing Chaps, Kennedy Hat, Riggs Fringe Coat
Horse Accessory: Birch 'Torquemada' Horn
Camp Upgrade: A-Frame Tent

Rank 23 (4200 XP)
Accessory: Lock Breaker
Clothing: Union Suit
Horse Accessory: Millesani Blanket

Rank 24 (4225 XP)
Ability: Slow and Steady (Dead Eye)
Weapon: Fire Bottle
Accessory: Live Crickets
Clothing: Austin Boots, Bandito Pants, Cuffed Town Pants, Double Breasted Lapelled Vest, Liberty Hat, Mattock Vest
Horse: Hungarian Halfbred Flaxen Chestnut Coat, Hungarian Halfbred Flaxen Piebald Tobiano Coat
Horse Accessory: Deep Roper Stirrup, Mohawk Mane, Steel 'Diablo' Horn, White Gold Bigpaw Horn
Camp Upgrade: Military Surplus Theme

Rank 25 (4250 XP)
Clothing: Arkwright Gloves, Deadboot Holster, Horsemanship Holster, Strung Sombrero, Urban Gloves, The Zacateca Outfit
Horse Accessory: Gold Equestrian Horn

Rank 26 (4275 XP)
Ability: The Unblinking Eye (Defense)
Pamphlet: Special Horse Medicine
Clothing: Fine Leather Suspenders, Gerden Deluxe Spurs
Horse Accessory: Cotorra Blanket, Redemption 'Sindewinder' Horn

Rank 27 (4300 XP)
Clothing: Brakeman Jacket, Lancer Vest, Multi-Tone Half Chaps, Regimental Hat
Horse: Mustang Tiger Grullo Dun Coat, Mustang Wild Bay Coat
Horse Accessory: Martinville Saddle

Rank 28 (4325 XP)
Ability: Eye for an Eye (Recovery)
Weapon: Hatchet
Pamphlet: Split Point
Clothing: Alvarado Chaps, Clerk Pants, Diamondback Hat
Horse Accessory: Bronze Egret Horn

Rank 29 (4350 XP)
Pamphlet: Horse Meal
Clothing: Sobol Hat, Gambler's Hat
Horse Accessory: Steel 'Diez Corona' Horn

Rank 30 (4375 XP)
Ability: The Gift of Focus (Recovery)
Weapon: Double-Barreled Shotgun
Accessory: Lake Lure, River Lure, Swamp Lure
Clothing: Paisley Vest
Horse: American Paint Splashed White Coat, Nokota Blue Roan Coat, Nokota White Roan Coat, Tennessee Walker Flaxen Roan Coat, Thoroughbred Blood Bay Coat, Thoroughbred Dapple Grey Coat
Horse Accessory: Copper Rosette Horn, Roping Saddle

Rank 31 (4400 XP)
Ammo: Pistol Cartridges - Express, Repeater Cartridges - Express, Revolver Cartridges - Express, Rifle Cartridges - Express
Clothing: Drifter Hat, Dunsinnan Boots, Range Gloves, Stenger Studded Spurs

Rank 32 (4425 XP)
Ability: Strange Medicine (Recovery)
Weapon: Machete
Pamphlet: Special Miracle Tonic
Clothing: Rope Gun Belt
Horse Accessory: Belled Oxbow Stirrup, Maple 'Torquemada' Horn, Upgraded Saddle Bag, Weathered Upgraded Saddle Bag

Rank 33 (4450 XP)
Clothing: Roller Jacket
Horse Accessory: White Gold Shield Horn

Rank 34 (4475 XP)
Ability: Take The Pain Away (Defense)
Weapon: Mauser Pistol
Pamphlet: Special Horse Stimulant
Clothing: Descoteaux Hat, Rope Holster, Worn Rolled Pants

Rank 35 (4500 XP)
Clothing: Dress Tie, Side Collar Shirt, Stride Hat
Horse Accessory: Nacogdoches Saddle, Oxbow Stirrup

Rank 36 (4525 XP)
Ability: Cold Blooded (Recovery)
Weapon: Tomahawk
Pamphlet: Potent Herbivore Bait
Clothing: Finley Jacket, Flores Vest, Hunter Jacket
Horse: Andalusian Dark Bay Coat, Ardennes Bay Roan Coat, Dutch Warmblood Seal Brown Coat, Dutch Warmblood Sooty Buckskin Coat
Horse Accessory: Silver & Gold Kismet Horn, Trail Saddle
Camp Upgrade: Tall Lean-To Tent

Rank 37 (4550 XP)
Accessory: Special Spinner
Pamphlet: Fire Bottle Pamphlet
Clothing: Bellerose Hat, Hightop Moccasins, Vaquero Spurs

Rank 38 (4575 XP)
Ability: The Short Game (Combat)
Weapon: Springfield Rifle
Clothing: Cutter Hat, Lightfoot Pants
Camp Upgrade: Travelling Opulence Theme

Rank 39 (4600 XP)
Clothing: Patched Overalls, Puff Tie
Horse: American Standardbred Palomino Dapple Coat, Hungarian Halfbred Dark Dapple Grey
Horse Accessory: Gold Gambler Horn

Rank 40 (4625 XP)
Ability: 3rd Passive Slot, Of Single Purpose (Defense)
Clothing: Bandit Gun Belt, Cromwell Hat, Derby High Hat
Horse Accessory: Bell Stirrup, Brass Eagle Horn

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 41-60

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 41-60

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rank 41 (4650 XP)
Ammo: Pistol Cartridges - High Velocity, Repeater Cartridges - High Velocity, Revolver Cartridges - High Velocity, Rifle Cartridges - High Velocity
Accessory: Special Lake Lure, Special River Lure, Special Swamp Lure
Clothing: Ascot Tie, Buckskin King Vest

Rank 42 (4675 XP)
Ability: Hangman (Combat)
Weapon: Semi-Auto Shotgun
Pamphlet: Potent Predator Bait
Clothing: Bandit Holster, Cavalry Gloves, Cayuga Hat
Horse Accessory: Gold Muerte Horn, Vaquero Saddle

Rank 43 (4700 XP)
Clothing: The Clayton Outfit, French Dress Shirt, Gibbston Pants, The Hettinger Outfit
Horse: Andalusian Rose Grey Coat, Appaloosa Brown Leopard Coat, Appaloosa Leopard Coat
Horse Accessory: Safety Stirrup

Rank 44 (4725 XP)
Ability: Quite an Inspiration (Dead Eye)
Ammo: Shotgun - Slug
Clothing: The Ajaccio Outfit, Classic Frock Coat, Feathered Flop Hat, Gunslinger Gun Belt

Rank 45 (4750 XP)
Pamphlet: Poison Throwing Knife
Clothing: Overalls

Rank 46 (4775 XP)
Ability: Never Without One (Defense)
Pamphlet: Special Horse Reviver
Clothing: Gathered Bandana

Rank 47 (4800 XP)
Clothing: Bolero Hat, Gunslinger Holster

Rank 48 (4825 XP)
Ability: Winning Streak (Combat)
Clothing: Workshirt
Horse: Mustang Tiger Striped Bay Coat, Nokota Reverse Dapple Roan Coat
Horse Accessory: Tapaderos Stirrup

Rank 49 (4850 XP)
Clothing: Gaiters
Camp Upgrade: Open-Air Lean-To Tent

Rank 50 (4875 XP)
Ability: Slippery Bastard (Dead Eye)
Weapon: Carcano Rifle
Pamphlet: Special Health Cure
Clothing: Explorer Gun Belt, Short Stovepipe Top Hat

Rank 51 (4900 XP)
Clothing: Opulent Vest
Horse: Thoroughbred Brindle Coat
Horse Accessory: Mother Hubbard Saddle

Rank 52 (4925 XP)
Pamphlet: Volatile Fire Bottle
Clothing: Explorer Holster

Rank 53 (4950 XP)
Clothing: Antoine Jacket

Rank 54 (4975 XP)
Pamphlet: Special Bitters
Horse: Ardennes Strawberry Roan Coat, Dutch Warmblood Chocolate Roan Coat
Horse Accessory: Hooded Stirrup

Rank 55 (5000 XP)
Clothing: Western Homburg Hat
Horse: American Paint Grey Overo Coat, American Standardbred Silver Tail Buckskin Coat
Camp Upgrade: Covered Lean-To Tent

Rank 56 (5025 XP)
Clothing: Bolger Holster
Horse: Turkoman Dark Bay Coat

Rank 57 (5050 XP)
Pamphlet: Poison Arrow
Clothing: Cavalry Boots
Horse Accessory: McClelland Saddle

Rank 58 (5075 XP)
Horse: Missouri Fox Trotter Amber Champagne, Missouri Fox Trotter Silver Dapple Pinto Coat

Rank 59 (5100 XP)
Clothing: Slack Pants

Rank 60 (5125 XP)
Pamphlet: Fire Arrow
Clothing: Sheepskin Vest
Horse: Turkoman Gold Coat, Turkoman Silver Coat
Horse Accessory: Dakota Saddle

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 61-80

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 61-80

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Rank 61 (5150 XP)
Clothing: Bolger Gun Belt

Rank 62 (5175 XP)
Clothing: Bibbed Shirt

Rank 63 (5200 XP)
Clothing: Tail Coat

Rank 64 (5225 XP)
Clothing: Worn Pistol Gun Belt
Horse Accessory: Ranch Cutter Saddle
Camp Upgrade: Covered Tent

Rank 65 (5250 XP)
Clothing: The Mercer Outfit
Camp Upgrade: Fast Travel Post

Rank 66 (5275 XP)
Clothing: Woven Pistol Holster
Horse: Arabian White Coat

Rank 67 (5300 XP)
Clothing: Tuxedo Pants

Rank 68 (5325 XP)
Clothing: Sportsman's Boots

Rank 69 (5350 XP)
Horse Accessory: Roping Saddle

Rank 70 (5375 XP)
Horse: Arabian Black Coat

Rank 71 (5400 XP)
Clothing: Studded Explorer Gun Belt

Rank 72 (5425 XP)
Clothing: Shotgun Coat

Rank 73 (5450 XP)
Clothing: Wool Shirt

Rank 74 (5475 XP)
Clothing: Lumber Boots
Horse Accessory: Trail Saddle

Rank 75 (5500 XP)
[no unlock]

Rank 76 (5525 XP)
Clothing: Studded Explorer Holster

Rank 77 (5550 XP)
Pamphlet: Volatile Dynamite

Rank 78 (5575 XP)
Horse Accessory: Vaquero Saddle

Rank 79 (5600 XP)
Clothing: Donegal Sweater

Rank 80 (5625 XP)
Pamphlet: Incendiary Buckshot

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 81-100

Red Dead Online Rank Unlocks 81-100

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rank 81 (5650 XP)
Clothing: Embossed Gunslinger Gun Belt

Rank 82 (5675 XP)
Clothing: Tornado Boots

Rank 83 (5700 XP)
Clothing: Hagen Coat

Rank 84 (5725 XP)
Pamphlet: Explosive Slug

Rank 85 (5750 XP)
[no unlock]

Rank 86 (5775 XP)
Clothing: Embossed Gunslinger Holster

Rank 87 (5800 XP)
Clothing: Outdoorsmen Vest

Rank 88 (5825 XP)
Clothing: Sharpshooter Gun Belt

Rank 89 (5850 XP)
Clothing: Preacher's Boots

Rank 90 (5875 XP)
Pamphlet: Express Explosive

Rank 91 (5900 XP)
Clothing: Leather Pants, Sharpshooter Holster

Rank 92 (5925 XP)
Clothing: Bison Duster Coat, The Dechaux Outfit

Rank 93 (5950 XP)
Pamphlet: Dynamite Arrow

Rank 94 (5975 XP)
Clothing: Embossed Horsemanship Gun Belt

Rank 95 (6000 XP)
[no unlock]

Rank 96 (6025 XP)
Clothing: Embossed Horsemanship Holster, Leather Duster

Rank 97 (6050 XP)
Clothing: Tasseled Coupar Boots

Rank 98 (6075 XP)
Clothing: Studded Bandit Gun Belt

Rank 99 (6100 XP)
Clothing: Studded Bandit Holster

Rank 100 (6150 XP)
[no unlock]

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