How to switch your morality in Red Dead Online - convert between honor and dishonor with a simple transaction


It’s not easy being a cowpoke, especially in this economy, and Red Dead Online’s current approach to cash building and ranking up almost necessitates some nasty deeds. From murdering gang leaders to slaughtering sheep, plenty of the game’s more dishonourable actions pay dividends compared to being a goody two-shoes.  

Your actions also dictate what storyline you’ll follow, as the online story missions actually have two branches depending on your honor level. If you’re a nasty sod and you make evil decisions you’ll be doing the Outlaw missions, but if you prefer to be a righteous wrangler you’ll be taking on the Gunslinger branch, which involves more positive outcomes.

If, after a few runs of letting the train car plow into the hogtied criminals (yes, that’s an honor-bound choice in Online) you’re having second thoughts about your moral compass, then you need to go see Old Man Jones. Jones is a special vendor in Red Dead Online that absolves you of your sins and lets you try the other side of the story. Here’s how to find him and initiate the morality switch.

Where to find Old Man Jones

Jones is always a feature on your map in Red Dead Online, regardless of what server you’re in. We found him south of Armadillo, but his placement is totally random. We’ve seen him near Riggs Station and in the Lemoyne area before, so simply navigate to your map screen and hit Square/X to bring up the index. You should see the prompt for ‘Old Man Jones’ in the list designated by a red and white honor icon, the one you’re used to seeing along the bottom bar when you hit down on the D-Pad.

How to switch your morality via Old Man Jones

This crusty, mysterious old man has a suite of interesting wares adorning his camp, including the mysterious green mask that kicked off the ‘Undead Nightmare’ in the first Red Dead Redemption. Spooky. 

To switch morality, all you have to do is simply walk up and hold L2/LT to initiate the conversation. You will see the prompt in the lower right corner, asking you to hold the Triangle/Y button to switch your morality from honorable to dishonorable and vice versa.

The catch is that this service offered by Old Man Jones costs three Gold Bars. Now, Gold Bars are the in-game premium currency, the resource you will eventually be able to purchase with Red Dead Online microtransactions in the near future. For now, if you’re desperate to see the other side, players can collect Gold Bars by receiving fractions of them, known as ‘Gold Nuggets’, via treasure chests and completing online missions.

Alternative ways to switch your morality

If you’d rather keep your hard-earned Gold Bars, there are other options to switch up your morality. If you’re bad trying to be good, make honourable choices in missions and spare gang leaders at hideouts. Act with decency and invade free roam events to tip the tides against a dishonourable posse, as and when you’re prompted.

It’s far easier when the shoes on the other foot. If you want to lower your honor, just follow the same criteria as the story mode. Trample and murder NPCs and other players. Kill defenceless animals and livestock. Shoot some horses, raze a cosy town,  basically give the Old West a baptism of fire and you’ll be a menace to society in no time.

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