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Red Dead Online patch notes: low Honor and Bounty Hunter bonuses for true outlaws

Red Dead Online
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

This week's Red Dead Online patch notes are a fairly even spread of rewards with a few special bonuses for players whose outlaw lifestyle literally takes them outside the law. 

Free roam missions are dishing out double RDO$ and XP this week, while legendary and infamous bounty missions will only award double RDO$. You can earn an additional 10% XP from these activities, as well as free roam events, when you play with Posse members. 

If you've yet to fully explore the Bounty Hunter role, you can pick up the base or Prestigious Bounty Hunter License at a five gold bar discount this week. The Bounty Hunter's reinforced lasso is 50% off as well, and you can get cosmetics and Prestigious Role items for 40% off. And if you hit rank 30 in the role this week, you'll receive an offer for 40% off a stable stall and two lots of 2,000 character XP. 

Presumably to offset the impending influx of crime-fighting bounty hunters, the new Red Dead Online patch notes are also incentivizing criminal activity with rewards for players with low Honor – or rather, one reward in the form of a free black bandana for all low Honor players who log in this week. 

This week's bonuses also include free fast travel and Persistent Posse setup fees, and the former still gives me whiplash every time I think about it. In a game like Final Fantasy 14, I can settle for the explanation that fast travel fees go toward maintaining magic crystals or whatever, but where are these cowpokes depositing their travel fees? 

A smattering of discounts and freebies round out this week's update. Haircuts, dentistry, and makeup are 50% off, and on top of sprucing up, you can gear up with 40% off Wilderness Outfitters pistols, 30% off war horses, and savings on all Role outfits. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime subscribers with a linked Rockstar social account can claim a free emote, a discount on the bar expansion, and a Moonshiner item of their choice. 

You can read the full Red Dead Online patch notes on Rockstar's newswire

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