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Red Dead Online patch notes: Triple XP, new discounts, and free glow-ups

(Image credit: Rockstar)

This week's Red Dead Online patch notes are in and it's all about looking good and earning extra XP. 

Earn triple XP in all A Land of Opportunities missions and Free Roam missions - the former set of missions are multi-part and story driven (you'll have to help Jessica LeClerk exact revenge on the people who killed her husband). 

Plus, there's a new set of weekly discounts for you to spend your hard-earned money on - get 50% off all Fast Travel and Ability cards, as well as 40% off all coats, shirts, boots, and hats. If you buy yourself some sweet new clothes, you'll probably want to change up your hair, makeup and erm, teeth. Well, you're in luck, as this week you can enjoy free barber services - if only we could have that in real life, eh? I'll never turn down a free makeover. 

There's still a bunch of ongoing Twitch Prime bonuses, so if you have a Twitch prime account and still haven't connected it to your Rockstar Social Account, get to it right now. Doing so will get you RDO$1,000, plus 6,000 Trader XP, and 50 incendiary buckshot slugs if you're in the mood to light stuff on fire. There's also some Twitch Prime Discounts you can enjoy - five gold bars off the Butcher table, and 40% off a horse, stable stall, and shotgun.  That's a lot of goodies for not much cash, so make sure to connect your accounts ASAP or you'll miss out.

For the full Red Dead Online patch notes, head to Rockstar's Newswire right here.

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