Red Dead Online patch notes: free fishing rods, bows, and outfits to go with triple RDO$

Red Dead Online
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This week's Red Dead Online patch notes are heavy on bonuses and light on events, so it's a good week to stock up and grab some freebies.

Call to Arms and Blood Money Opportunities will grant double RDO$ and XP this week, with Call to Arms also granting double gold. The "Tough Business" Hardcore Telegram missions, meanwhile, will dish out triple RDO$ and XP, as will the weekly Featured Series, which is hardcore Elimination this week. Completing "A One Horse Deal" will get you a voucher for 50% off a stable slot as well. 

Everyone can now claim a free community outfit inspired by Youtuber Dare To Game this week, and there are plenty of other freebies this week too. Rank 10 players will receive a free fishing rod and a bow, and completing seven daily challenges will also get you five free fast travel tickets, which were notoriously hard to come by in the wild West. 

This week's update has kicked off some month-long discounts, with outfits, Role outfits, chaps, revolvers, and race horses 30% off. Rifle ammo and tomahawks are 50% off, and you can get some free ammo by clearing the "A New Source of Employment" Telegram mission or any Opportunity. 

You can read the full patch notes on Rockstar's newswire

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