Red Dead Online Gypsy Cob Horse: How to unlock and use the new Naturalist Update horse

Red Dead Online Gypsy Cob Horse
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The Red Dead Online Gypsy Cob horse is a fresh steed that was introduced as part of the Naturalist Update, and unsurprisingly this means that this new horse is linked to the Naturalist role. It's available as a reward earned by progressing through the ranks of that career, and not only does the Gypsy Cob comes in a variety of coats but it's also a Multi-Class ride, making it a reliable all-rounder.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the process for how to unlock the Red Dead Online Gypsy Cob horse, including details on where you can purchase it, and what different coats can be unlocked through the Naturalist role progression in order to acquire the most powerful version of the horse in Red Dead Online.

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How to unlock the Gypsy Cob Horse

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Once you’ve updated Red Dead Online and landed in the multiplayer open-world, you’re going to want to kick off the Naturalist role to be able to unlock the Gypsy Cob horse. To do this you need to ride your horse or use a fast travel station to visit the town of Strawberry. 

Once there, follow the Naturalist map marker to the hotel just dead ahead down the main street. Once you walk inside you should be treated to a cutscene in which you’re introduced to Harriet Davenport and Gus MacMillan, the two main quest givers in the Naturalist update. 

After the cutscene, you’ll be asked to visit Harriet at her camp to purchase the Sample Kit to kick off the frontier pursuit. This costs 25 Gold Bars, so make sure you’ve earned enough before you visit her at one of the magnifying glass icons on the map. 

Once you’ve purchased the role from Harriet, head to your local stable and choose the ‘Multi’ type from the class list. You should see the Gypsy Cob right at the bottom with a yellow star attached, and you’ll be able to purchase the base Gypsy Cob horse with a role token and RDO$ now that you’ve started your career as a Naturalist. 

Gypsy Cob Horse Statistics

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The Gypsy Cob is a Multi-Class type horse, and as such is very versatile. Each type of Gypsy Cob horse features Standard handling, which means it offers average handling and responsiveness when turning and making fine adjustments while riding. 

The first two Gypsy Cob coats offer two speed and acceleration bars to start, the second wave of coats offer three bars each and the third wave of coats offer five and four bars for speed and acceleration respectively. The health and stamina of the horse is also upgraded across the unlockable coats. These statistics will improve as the player bonds with their Gypsy Cob, by petting, feeding or simply riding it around the map. 

Gypsy Cob Horse Coats

There are a number of coats available for the Gypsy Cob that can be unlocked as players progress through the Naturalist role.

Novice Kit - White Blagdon & Piebald Coats

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Stocky, tough and reliable, these coats can be picked up as a Novice Naturalist (Level 1) and cost $150.00.

Established Kit - Skewbald & Palomino Blagdon Coats

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Described as loyal, these Gypsy Cob coats can be picked up as an Established Naturalist (Level 10) and cost $550.00

Distinguished Kit - Splashed Bay & Splashed Piebald Coats

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Steadfast and ideal for long expeditions, these coats for the Gypsy Cob are only available to Distinguished Naturalists (Level 20). They cost $950.00 to unlock.

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