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Red Dead Online guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in Rockstar's online Wild West

We've had a good few months now since Red Dead Online officially left public beta to become a full release, and Rockstar have kept the updates flowing during that time to keep the multiplayer aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2 feeling fresh. Regular content updates have brought in additional missions and game modes, and the huge Frontier Pursuits release adds new roles for players to take on. This means you can fully immerse yourself in the life of a Bounty Hunter, Trader, or Collector, and unlock unique skills and items as you progress down your chosen path. Throw in all the regular exploring, hunting, daily challenges and more that we're used to already, and there's little chance of getting bored in the Old West.

Considering all of that, it's possible for Red Dead Online to feel overwhelming and you can quickly get lost with so many activities to choose from - even if you have a particular goal in mind such as ranking up to a certain level to unlock that new item you want, or the usual motivation of collecting stacks of dollars to upgrade your gear and live your best life. That's why we're opening up our saddlebags to share our wealth of knowledge and experience in Red Dead Online with you, laying out a whole suite of guides to explain every area you need more detail on to achieve success. Hop on your horse then hit the ol' dusty trail, partner, and we'll get started...

Red Dead Online patch notes

Red Dead Online roles - Bounty Hunter

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

The world of Red Dead Online is constantly evolving, with Rockstar keeping things interesting with regular updates. If you want to follow the most recent developments then let us keep you on top of the Red Dead Online patch notes, so you'll always know the latest on what's new.

Red Dead Online Tips

We've now had some time to get to grips with Red Dead Online, but many players will still be finding their feet and getting used to how the game's systems work in the online setting. If you're looking for advice on the best horse to choose, how to avoid enemy fire, and much much more, then take a look at our essential Red Dead Online tips to know before you play.

Red Dead Online Roles

Red Dead Online roles

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Thanks to the Frontier Pursuits update, you now have a choice of Red Dead Online roles to follow and develop your character along a unique path. You can become a Bounty Hunter, a Trader, or a Collector, and we've got details of all the benefits each career can provide. If you're trying to track down the Red Dead Online Madam Nazar location specifically for the Collector path, we have a separate guide for that too.

How to earn XP fast in Red Dead Online

Earning XP is super important in Red Dead Online, as your character's level (or rank) determines what items, weapons, and even horses you have access to. As with most online games, there are many ways to grind out XP, but some are more efficient and enjoyable than others - we'll outline all of these as we show you how to earn XP fast in Red Dead Online.

How to make money fast in Red Dead Online

They say that money makes the world go round, and that holds true in Red Dead Online. If you want to purchase high-level items, new weapons, and upgrades, then you need to have the cash to back it up, and with the current state of the game's economy it's pretty hard to come by. We've investigated different strategies for earning a crust, to bring you the best methods for how to make money fast in Red Dead Online.

Best Red Dead Online weapons

If you're going to hold your own in those online gunfights, you need to have the right tools for the job. If you don't know a Bolt-Action Rifle from a Litchfield Repeater, then you should check out our guide to the best Red Dead Online weapons for all the information you need.

Red Dead Online best horses

You're going to spend a lot of time riding around in Red Dead Online, and having the best steed can make all the difference if you're trying to chase down a wagon convoy or escape a bloodthirsty posse snapping at your heels. We've picked out the Red Dead Online best horses to suit a number of different situations, so whether you're looking for speed or sturdiness we've got you covered.

Red Dead Online Showdown Series tips

If you've been taking on the various competitive modes in the Red Dead Online Showdown Series, such as Make It Count, Most Wanted, Name Your Weapon, and Hostile Territory, then you'll probably know how difficult it is to nail down a victory. If you're looking for some help, we've got Red Dead Online Showdown Series tips covering all of those game modes and more.

Red Dead Online gang hideouts

If you're looking for another way to grab some fast cash and XP, then clearing out gang hideouts can give you both as well as sometimes rewarding you with a treasure map for your trouble. Our guide will show you 17 possible spots where Red Dead Online gang hideouts can spawn, as well as providing advice for how best to tackle them.

Red Dead Online Posse

They say that there's safety in numbers, so if you want to rule the online West then teaming up with other players will definitely help. Check out our Red Dead Online Posse guide to find out how to set up a posse, what the different types of posse mean, and what the benefits are to being in a posse.

Easiest Red Dead Online gold buckles

The Awards system from the single player game also features in Red Dead Online, containing an impressive 425 awards to unlock, and reaching the gold medal requirement for each will earn you 500 XP and a gold buckle to customise your outfit with. Some of these are much simpler to complete than others, so we've made a guide for the easiest Red Dead Online gold buckles you can get.

Switch your morality in Red Dead Online

The Honor system plays its part in Red Dead Online, determining what Free Roam and co-operative story missions you receive based on your moral compass at the time. If you've made some mistakes and want to quickly change your ways, then here's how you can switch your morality in Red Dead Online with a simple transaction.

Red Dead Online Gold Bars

Unsurprisingly, thanks to the runaway success Rockstar have had with the GTA Online Shark Card, we now have Red Dead Online gold bars available to buy. These real money purchases will allow players to jump ahead with their progression and access the coolest items quicker, without all that grinding for gold nuggets. For now, at least, this appears to be the extent of the Red Dead Online microtransactions, though if the GTA Online model is followed then you can expect bundles containing camp upgrades and more to appear in the future.

Red Dead Online Cameos

As you travel around meeting strangers and completing story missions, you're likely to run into some familiar faces from the Red Dead Redemption world. We won't go into too much detail here in case you want them to be a surprise, but instead you should check out these Red Dead Online cameos to see who you can meet on your journey.

Red Dead Online Character Creator

The Red Dead Online character creation is incredibly detailed, and you can pretty much customise everything about your cowboy or cowgirl right down to the redness of their eyes and the sound of their horse whistle. When getting yourself set up, remember that you're potentially going to be spending a long time with your Red Dead Online character, so make sure you're happy with their look before committing. There will no doubt be options to change your haircut and trim your beard (as appropriate), but plastic surgery was not very advanced in the early 1900s so don't expect a full facial reconstruction any time soon.

Red Dead Online's First Mission

If you've not had the chance to try out Red Dead Online for yourself yet, we have complete footage of the very first mission above. What starts out as a simple delivery job quickly turns into a gang shootout, a treasure map hunt, and much more - we won't say any more for now, but it's all there if you want to watch. Red Dead Online promises to provide plenty of story-based missions, as well as all the hunting, foraging, and other free-roam activities you've come to expect from the single player experience.

Could you reach rank 50 of Red Dead Online in 10 weeks?

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