Red Dead Online guide: Everything you need to know to succeed in Rockstar's online Wild West

Red Dead Online Honor System

As with the single player game, the actions that you take with your character in Red Dead Online will alter your honor state, which in turn will determine how certain missions and other interactions play out. You can increase your honor level by doing nice things such a helping people out and caring for your horse, but if you spend your time online robbing people and shooting other players unprovoked then your honor is going to take a nosedive. So far, we know that honor will affect the following elements of Red Dead Online, and if you feel that you've made some big mistakes then there is a simple way to switch your morality in Red Dead Online.

Free Roam Missions

The familiar Stranger question mark icons also make appearances in Red Dead Online, which will allow you to initiate Free Roam Missions - either on your own or with a Posse of friends. Depending on your honor level, different Free Roam Missions will be available to you. If you're an honorable player then you may be tasked with protecting a convoy against attacks from gangs or rival Posses, whereas if you're a somewhat shady character then you may be the one doing the attacking instead, or freeing a criminal from their shackles.

A Land of Opportunities

In Red Dead Online, A Land of Opportunities is the name given to an ongoing series of co-operative missions for two to four players, which Rockstar intend to keep building upon. These missions will consist of multiple parts, and the route you take through them will be influenced by your current honor level. Whether you end up seeking out truth and justice, or going all-in to take revenge during your story arc, depends entirely on how honorable (or dishonorable) you are.

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