Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties: How to capture and bring in all ten targets, dead or alive

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties
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To go after the Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties will earn you money, gold and experience in great numbers, a profitable role made more profitable by the dangerous enemies you'll be going up against. Legendary Bounties aren't just more expensive targets, but special missions that pit you against the deadliest bandits and brigands in the Wild West. If you can beat them you'll earn a lot of rewards, and if you can lasso, hogtie and hand them in to the sheriff, you'll make even more. That's why we've laid out how to get all the Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties below, and make your mark on the frontier as the most unstoppable gunslinger of the Old West.

After all ten of the Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties were initially cycled through on a weekly basis, you can now pick and choose whichever special bounty you want to target in Red Dead Online. Bear in mind that every time you replay a Legendary Bounty the difficulty increases, so you'll have to work hard if you want to claim that reward multiple times for the same criminals.

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How to start a Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty

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If you haven't already begun the Bounty Hunter path of the Frontier Pursuits yet, then get yourself over to the sheriff marker in Rhodes to meet the Legendary Bounty Hunter and purchase your Bounty Hunter License – if you've linked your Twitch Prime and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts previously then this should be free, otherwise you'll need to shell out 15 Red Dead Online Gold Bars.

Armed with your official license, check out any bounty board then press the relevant prompt for Legendary Bounties. This will then give you a list of all ten to choose from, so make your selection to trigger a cutscene which then leads straight into the bounty hunt as a standalone mission. You only get two team lives, so use them wisely.

Philip Carlier

Red Dead Online Philip Carlier

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Philip Carlier

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This bounty starts with you finding Philip Carlier at his camp in the swamps, but straight away you'll be drugged and enter a trippy sequence. The wild man will repeatedly sprint towards you to attack, but don't worry about shooting him as this is only an illusion so you won't affect your ability to bring him in alive. Once you're back in reality, you'll need to search Lagras swamp to find the real Philip Carlier. There are a number of enemies standing guard, though you should be able to easily sneak past them or pick them off with your bow.

We found Philip Carlier by a campfire on the east side of the swamp, though he ran away as we approached. Thankfully he's not too fast on his feet, so it shouldn't be difficult to chase down and capture him. Any enemies you encounter are likely to just be armed with machetes, making them easy to pick off before they get close. Once he's in custody, load Philip Carlier on your horse then head south to the Saint Denis sheriff's office and claim your reward.

The Wolf Man

Red Dead Online The Wolf Man

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - The Wolf Man

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The Wolf Man is hiding out by Lake Isabella on the far west side of Ambarino, and you'll be presented with three locations to search. There are plenty of wolves in the area, so keep your wits about you and be ready to shoot them down quickly if they come to attack. Make your way to the northwest corner of Lake Isabella, where the Wolf Man's camp is nestled among the trees.

When you reach the Wolf Man, he'll run out and start shouting about a bear, which you'll need to take care of before progressing any further with this bounty – it's entirely possible the bear will kill your target before you get a chance to apprehend him. Once the bear is out of the picture, restrain or collect the Wolf Man and get him on your horse. You'll have more wolves to deal with as you ride out of the area to the wagon in Spider Gorge to the northeast, where you can drop off your bounty.

Cecil C. Tucker

Red Dead Online Cecil C. Tucker

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Cecil C. Tucker

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Cecil C. Tucker is an arsonist hiding out at Fort Brennand, which is west of Van Horn Trading Post near the Kamassa River. Once you've fought your way inside, you'll be ambushed by another wave of enemies surrounding the fort. Pay particular attention to the red explosives that are dotted around inside, and either shoot them from a distance to neutralise them or keep well enough away that they won't damage you if ignited.

We found Cecil C. Tucker in a small camp area to the east of Fort Brennand, fighting amongst a large group of enemies, so if you're determined to bring him in alive then be careful who you're shooting at. Once you've cleared a path and have Cecil C. Tucker under control, make your way northeast to Van Horn Trading Post, but be prepared to meet plenty more resistance along the way. Reach the sheriff's office and deliver your captive to pick up your reward.

Yukon Nik

Red Dead Online Yukon Nik

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Yukon Nik

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You'll begin this mission by heading toward Fort Riggs where Yukon Nik has made camp, between Strawberry and Blackwater in West Elizabeth. Fight your way through Borodin's Gang and their attack dogs to reach the shack in the middle of the area, where Yukon Nik is holding the Marshal hostage. There are several caged bears within the camp that you can free by shooting the lock off their cells, but ultimately you might want to leave them be rather than having an angry bear to deal with.

Once you get close enough to the shack, you'll be confronted by Yukon Nik – complete the dead eye sequence to take him out and save the hostage. You'll now be attacked by a fresh group of enemies, so duck inside the shack for cover then deal with them accordingly. Once you've cleared them out, you can throw Yukon Nik on the back of your horse, before making your way northwest to the sheriff's office in Strawberry to drop off your bounty.

Barbarella Alcazar

Red Dead Online Barbarella Alcazar

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties - Barbarella Alcazar

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The first of the Legendary Bounties to launch, you'll be directed to Gaptooth Breach which is west of Tumbleweed. There are plenty of gang members dotted around the mine area, so it's up to you if you want to try and pick them off silently or go in guns blazing. Work your way towards the main building, where Barbarella Alcazar is dug in upstairs. We were able to go up the stairs then climb over the roof, then fire some shots through the window to subdue her before hopping inside to hogtie your bounty.

With Barbarella Alcazar secured, you'll need to hop on your horse and escape the area. Ride east then north to Tumbleweed, where you can drop her off at the sheriff's office. Even if you took out the gang back at Gaptooth Breach, you're likely to meet more resistance along the way, so make sure you have your weapons ready.

Etta Doyle

Red Dead Online Etta Doyle

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Etta Doyle

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This mission starts in a goods yard to the southwest of Saint Denis, which is about to be raided by Etta Doyle and her gang. Identifying which of the robbers is your bounty target is tricky as they all dress the same, though a scar down their cheek is the tell-tale sign. We initially tried to be sneaky, though ultimately found it easier to spook the criminals then chase them down individually.

The targets will scatter and start riding around Saint Denis, so take down any standard red dot enemies then subdue those marked with a bounty target on the map. If you've captured Etta Doyle then you're in business, but if it turns out to be someone else then continue the hunt. Once you have your bounty secured, a short trot through Saint Denis to the sheriff's office is all that's required to complete this mission.

Owlhoot Family

Red Dead Online Owlhoot Family

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounties - The Owlhoot Family

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This mission differs somewhat from the others, in that instead of a single bounty to bring in you have four of them to secure! When you get started in and around the Rio Bravo area of New Austin, there will be four locations marked for you to work through, which normally include Fort Mercer, Solomon's Folly, Benedict Pass, and Benedict Point.

After securing each bounty, you can take them to the jail wagon which is parked centrally by the mountains east of Benedict Point, so you don't need to organise your own transport and securing of the prisoners. The only target you may struggle with is Mommy Owlhoot, who is actually hiding in a basement under a house near Benedict Point – look for the stairs to the south of the house to track her down.

Sergio Vincenza

Red Dead Online Sergio Vincenza

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Sergio Vincenza

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Sergio Vincenza is a military sniper, who is holed up on a tower in the middle of camp towards the east side of New Hanover. Try to take out as many of the guards as possible as you work your way towards the tower, and stay in cover to avoid the snipers – you'll know you're being targeted as a glint will pass across the screen and a dramatic musical sting will play, so make sure you move position quickly to avoid being picked off.

When you're able to get close enough, rush the tower as Sergio Vincenza won't be able to snipe you while you're inside it and below him. Subdue and secure him, but make sure your horse is on standby as another wave of enemies will arrive once you leave the tower. Deal with them as you ride your way northeast to Annesburg, where you can drop off your bounty for the reward.

Tobin Winfield

Red Dead Online Tobin Winfield

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Tobin Winfield

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This mission can prove tricky, as you initially have to follow Tobin Winfield and protect him from the attacking enemies. At the first fight, you can either steal the stagecoach and drive it up to the junction where Tobin is hiding for extra cover, or try luring the gang away from the area so you can take them out without having to protect Tobin at the same time.

Once you move to the second area and Tobin reveals where the deeds are, you no longer have to keep him alive to avoid failing the mission. Deal with the second round of abushers, then swipe up those deeds and collect Tobin Winfield. Now all you need to do is make the long ride west to Armadillo to drop him off with the sheriff, while dealing with any additional enemies that pursue you along the way.

Red Ben Clempson

Red Dead Online Red Ben Clempson

Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty - Red Ben Clempson

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Red Ben Clempson is off riding a train he's commandeered, but to track down his location you'll first need to make contact with an old associate of his. Meet the contact and give them a bribe to identify the exact train your target is on, then ride down the tracks to catch up with it before leaping on board – you should reach them somewhere near Rathskeller Fork north of Tumbleweed.

Once you're on the train, work your way towards the front taking out any enemies on board or riding alongside. You'll find Red Ben Clempson inside the final carriage, so take him down then work on getting off the train – you'll need to stop it first, so continue to the engine and take out the driver before driving the train and following the prompt to apply the brake. You can now safely disembark and load Clempson on your horse, before riding southwest to Tumbleweed and handing him over to the local sheriff.

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