Fortnite Rifts: Where to find every Fortnite Rift location in Chapter 2 Season 4

 Fortnite Rift locations Chapter 2
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Fortnite rifts once played a big role in previous seasons, but were subsequently absent from the battle royale for quite a while. That's all changed in Season 4, with new Fortnite rifts popping up all over the island near locations that have been teleported in from the Marvel universe, allowing players to warp up to the skies for a better view of the area or to glide away to a new destination. Not only do they provide another method of getting around the map in Fortnite, but they're also required for the Fortnite Week 8 challenges so you can drive a vehicle through one. If you're ready to start teleporting skyward, then here are all the Fortnite rift locations along with details on how they work.

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Where are the Fortnite Rift locations

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At first it may seem like the Fortnite rifts pop up at random across the map, however there are actually fixed locations where you can find them in every match. Pop along to the areas listed below for the best chance of accessing a rift – though bear in mind that if another player has already used the rift in that match then it won't be there for you.

How to use Fortnite Rifts

Fortnite Rift locations Chapter 2

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Fortnite rifts basically act as mini portals, or map-controlled jump pads, as you'll fall from the sky into the same area as the rift was found, providing a quick escape route if an enemy squad has you pinned down or you just need to cover some distance with your glider.

Interestingly, you can actually hear when another player has used a portal – and thus they can hear you – and it's this terrifying kind of ripping noise that can be heard from quite a way off, letting you know that someone has taken to the skies and can probably see you legging it towards the storm circle right now.

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