How to deploy a Fortnite Ghost Trap

Fortnite Ghost Trap locations
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A Fortnite Ghost Trap is a handy tool to have at your disposal now things are starting to get spooky across the island, and if you've ever seen Ghostbusters (surely you have, right?) in any form then you'll instantly recognize this as the trap used to capture and transport spirits to the Containment Unit. Unsurprisingly it's the Containment Specialist who has sent you out to deploy one of these devices as part of their Fortnite quests, and by doing so you'll be one step closer to completing their punchcard for the crossover event with Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

Of course, to deploy a Fortnite Ghost Trap you first need to know where to find one, as they're pretty small units and Fortnite is a big place to just be wandering around aimlessly searching. That's why we're here to guide you, so follow the details below to discover one of the Fortnite Ghost Trap locations then interact with it to complete your task.

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Where to find a Fortnite Ghost Trap

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We've been scouring the island looking for Fortnite Ghost Trap locations, as it appears that not all of the named POIs actually have them – unless the ones we haven't tagged are actually super well hidden, that is. However, as you only need to deploy one of them then the 12 options we've given you above should be more than enough. To pinpoint the Fortnite Ghost Trap when you arrive at your chosen spot, go here:

  1. Holly Hedges - Outside the main entrance to the Garden Center
  2. Believer Beach - On the sidewalk next to the trailer park
  3. Weeping Woods - Outside the front entrance to the north lodge building
  4. Boney Burbs - Down the steps on the east side of the tallest building
  5. Pleasant Park - On the west side of the central covered picnic area
  6. Craggy Cliffs - At the bottom of the steps outside Sticks restaurant
  7. Corny Crops - By the west entrance to the main farmhouse building
  8. Dirty Docks - On the north side of the warehouse with the triple-ridged roof
  9. Misty Meadows - On the bridge near the Reboot Van
  10. Lazy Lake - On the sidewalk by the corner of A Lot O' Auto
  11. Catty Corner - On the bend in the main road
  12. Retail Row - In the middle of the parking lot

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