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Fortnite: emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake

Fortnite emote camera
(Image credit: Epic)

If you're trying to emote in front of a camera at Believer Beach or Lazy Lake in Fortnite, we got you. There are two specific locations where you need to pull off some moves for this week's Fortnite quests, and with our maps and pointers you'll find them all in no time. And if the circle falls in your favor you might just about be able to pull them both off in single match. 

Fortnite Believer Beach and Lazy Lake camera locations

Fortnite camera Believer Beach Lazy Lake

(Image credit: Epic)
  1. Lazy Lake
  2. Believer Beach

As you can see, the two camera locations are fairly far apart but not impossible to reach in a single match if you want to try and tick them off quick. A jump pad here or there, or a car along the way, would certainly make it an easy reach. However, there's no requirement that you do it in one go! So maybe just drop into each area at the start of a match, do a quick emote and then hightail it out of there. Both cameras are easy to reach by dropping in, so if you need to just get it done, parachute down and dance fast. 

Here's a little more detail on where to find each camera. 

Where to emote in front of camera at Lazy Lake

Fortnite camera Believer Beach Lazy Lake

(Image credit: Epic)

You'll find the Lazy Lake camera at the same place you'll find the Fortnite wire taps, which is also one of the week 8 quests if you want a twofer to streamline things. Just look for the house to the south east with the small square swimming pool. The camera is there, pointing towards the pool.

Where to emote in front of camera at Believer Beach

Fortnite camera Believer Beach Lazy Lake

(Image credit: Epic)

The Believer Beach camera is an easy one to find as it's right on the sand to the east of the pier. Just look for the blue hut as you drop in and you'll see the camera underneath. This is potentially the more risky of the two as if you drop straight in there's not much cover or chance to gear up if you come under fire straight away. 

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