Fortnite Apples: Where to find and eat apples for the #FreeFortnite Cup

Fortnite Apples locations
(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you're hunting for Fortnite apples, then it's likely you're competing in the #FreeFortnite Cup and are aiming for one of the gaming hardware prizes available. Indeed, Epic are offering up rewards of phones, consoles, and PCs to the players with the most Fortnite apples eaten, either across the event or in a single match. This makes the red fruit a much sought-after item in Fortnite, while usually it is overlooked due to the small healing effect of a 5 health boost it offers when consumed. If you want to compete for one of those top prizes, then read on and we'll show you all of the Fortnite apples locations, and offer some tips on how to consume as many as possible.

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Fortnite Apples locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've marked all of the Fortnite apples locations on the map above, and there are five areas where you can guarantee to find them. These are as follows:

  • D1 - North of Homely Hills
  • F3 - Fortnite Orchard
  • G2 - Southwest of Steamy Stacks
  • C4 - West of Flopper Pond
  • E5 - South of The Authority

Naturally, The Orchard is going to be the biggest source of Fortnite apples, but that also means it's the most likely location that players will head to if they're searching for the fruit, so you may find yourself fighting over them with others. You'll need to weigh up if that risk is worth the reward of finding more apples, or if you should make your way to one of the other lesser-known areas instead. If you don't find Fortnite apples under the trees in the location you go to, then other players have already beaten you to them in that match.

Fortnite Apples locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Remember that you can now gather Fortnite apples as well as consuming them directly, which means you can scoop a load of them up before retreating to a safer area to eat them. If your health is already full then you won't be able to consume Fortnite apples, but you can inflict some fall damage on yourself by building a ramp four sections high then dropping off the end, taking into account the lay of the land below so you don't fall too much further than that height. You can then munch up any Fortnite apples in your inventory, and as they only take 0.5s each to consume you should get through them quickly.

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