Where to find Fortnite Apples and how to consume them


Consumable Apples that give you a small health boost when eaten have been a staple of Fortnite for a while now, but as the overall healing effect is minimal their appeal has been somewhat limited. That's all changed with one of the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges for Season 6, which asks you to consume 5 Fortnite Apples and suddenly makes the elusive fruit much more important. If you're going to beat that Challenge you'll need to know where to go to find and consume Fortnite Apples, so read on and we'll point you in the right direction to satisfy your fruit cravings.

Where to find the Fortnite Apples

As with other items in the game, Apples will randomly appear in a selection of locations around the Fortnite map. The areas marked on this map are ones where Fortnite Apples have been found:

Note that Fortnite Apples won't appear in all of those locations in every match, and other players may already have been there to eat the fruit before you get a chance. When you arrive in one of the locations, you'll want to search for trees that look like this:

Have a look around the area underneath the trees, and if you're in luck you'll spot a glowing Fortnite Apple ready for consuming. If your health is already full then you won't be able to eat the Apple - building a ramp four sections high then falling off the end should inflict a small amount of damage on yourself, allowing you to tuck in to the fruit and add another Apple to your tally.

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