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First Call of Duty PSP footage

Call of Duty is making its handheld debut on PSP, and the miniaturized WWII shooter is shaping up nicely.

This new trailer shows off a decent level of environmental detail, and the game retains much of the chaotic action of the console games.

The graphics aren't usually the issue with PSP FPS games, though - it's the controls that are critical. Without a dual-analogue set-up, making a playable FPS on the handheld is understandably difficult.

But CoD is among the best FPS games of the current generation, so we look forward to seeing what Activision can do with Roads to Victory.

The game hits shelves in Spring. Until then, hit the Movies tab, launch the video player, and find "Call of Duty: Roads to Victory -vignette 02-12-07."

February 12, 2007