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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Pancake - Crush an enemy between a wall and heavy object

Occasionally, enemies will block a doorway with a table. When you kick that table and it smashes the enemies cowering behind it, you’ll earn the Pancake skill shot. This opportunity is present in Act 1: Chapter 1 and “The Hideout” Echo mode.

Mass Extinction - Stomp an enemy with the Mechaton

Mechaton is the robotic Godzilla that you control during the amusement park level in Act 2: Chapter 2. Using the monster to shoot enemies won’t unlock the Mass Extinction skill shot, and you can’t directly order him to stomp on enemies – just move him towards a group, however, and he should step on at least one.

Kill-O-Watt - Push an enemy into the electric buildings of Mechaton's mini-city

Before you gain control of the Mechaton, you’ll pass through his ride, in which every miniature skyscraper acts like the electrical fields you see elsewhere in the game. For this single area, you’ll receive Kill-O-Watt skill shots instead of Shocker skill shots whenever you electrocute an enemy.

Fish Food - Drown an enemy in water

Just kick or shoot an enemy into the water. If you somehow missed this skill shot while playing through the campaign, load up “The Marina” Echo mode for plenty of chances.

Floater - Drown an enemy in streaming water

Same as the Fish Food skill shot, but since the water must be “streaming,” you’ll encounter far less opportunities to earn it. Load up Act 3: Chapter 2 – “A Dam Fine Mess” – and fight through the first room of snipers. The very next area features a streaming river, waterfall and bridge. Kick, leash or bullet-guide any of the enemies into the water for Floater.

Grinder - Kill an enemy with the dam's rotating water wheel

The end of Act 3: Chapter 2 is the only section of Bulletstorm’s campaign in which you can perform the Grinder skill shot. (Conveniently, this is the same section you’ll want to load for Floater and Man Toast.) After you’ve rescued Trishka and fought through the large open promenade, you’ll enter the dam. Head down the stairs, then up the elevator and, when you’re finally close enough to the giant rotating water wheel, start kicking and leashing enemies into it.

Man Toast - Burn an enemy to death in the furnaces

Remember the furnace room in Act 3: Chapter 2, where you caught up with and rescued Trishka? That’s the only place in the game to perform the Man Toast skill shot – kick any of the enemies into any of the orange flames. They’ll jump away, but you can corner them with enough effort. This area is immediately after the streaming river for Fish Food and immediately before the dam wheels for Grinder.

Tenderizer - Flatten an enemy with the elevator

If you played the Bulletstorm demo, you already know where to achieve the Tenderizer skill shot. This is a scripted moment with a huge sideways elevator shaft, and occurs in Act 4: Chapter 3 or the “Collapsed Building” Echo mode. Same section as the Ding Dong skill shot.

Ding Dong - Kill an enemy by opening the doors in the "ceiling" of the collapsed building

If you played the Bulletstorm demo, you already know where to achieve the Ding Dong skill shot. This is a scripted moment that occurs in Act 4: Chapter 3, or in the “Collapsed Building” Echo mode. The first two enemies you encounter begin to flee, then turn around to fight you while standing underneath a sideways door. Leash the door to send rubble toppling down on them. This is very close to where you earn the Tenderizer skill shot.

Halloween - Put a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head, then kick him into an electric object

Don’t bother trying this when you first encounter the Nom parasites – there are no electric objects anywhere nearby. Wait until Act 5: Chapter 3, where there’s a small section absolutely packed with both parasites and electric signs.

Steady Hand - Kill a Burnout by only hitting his weak spot

Switch to the Screamer pistol and carefully aim only at the Burnouts’ orange glowing bulges. To make this incredibly simple, thump the Burnouts into slow-motion stasis so that you can take your time.

Dino-Sore - Shoot the weak spots on Hekaton's neck during the helicopter battle

This is a scripted skill shot that you’ll earn automatically if you played through the campaign far enough to fight the massive dinosaur boss in a helicopter (end of Act 5: Chapter 3). You know, the one whose eggs you destroyed earlier in the game. Just shoot the neck sores when instructed.

Outburst - Push an enemy into the storm

You’ll have a zillion chances to perform the Outburst skill shot when you reach Act 6: Chapter 1. The level is full of vertical blue lightning storms – kick, shoot or leash an enemy into those bolts for a nice light show.

Sucker - Kill an enemy using a fan

There are two places to perform the Sucker skill shot. The first is Act 2: Chapter 1, when you’re making your way across the rooftops with Ishi. The second is much later in the game, when you’re with Ishi and General Sarrano near the end of Act 6: Chapter 3. Both moments are included in the video above.

Forced - Kill an enemy by flinging them into an electromagnetic pulse barrier

During Act 6: Chapter 3, you’ll have to leash a glowing energy core to un-electrify some barriers before jumping over them. You can also kick Burnouts into those barriers while they’re still electrified for the Forced skill shot.

Ejeculated - Jettison the Heavy Echoes in Cargo Hold

This is a scripted moment in Act 7: Chapter 2. You’ll pull a handle that opens an airlock, sending three or four soldiers flying into oxygen-less space.

Weed Killer - Kill the Flytrap boss

Beat the boss at the end of Act 4: Chapter 2.

Minced Meat - Kill the first Burnout miniboss

Beat the boss at the end of Act 5: Chapter 2.

Grilled Meat - Kill the second Burnout miniboss

Beat the boss at the end of Act 6: Chapter 3.

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