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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Direct Hit - Kill an enemy with a direct hit from the cannonball

Your basic Bouncer kill – just aim at an enemy, pull the trigger and hope the ball doesn’t bounce before hitting him.

Money Shot - Kill an enemy by launching a ball at them and exploding it before it hits anything

When shooting the Bouncer, keep the right trigger held down to control when the cannonball detonates. Aim directly at an enemy like you would for a Direct Hit skill shot, but then let go of the trigger an instant before the ball reaches him. It should explode in his face without any actual contact, earning you the Money Shot.

Boom - Kill two or more enemies with one cannonball

Just shoot the Bouncer at a closely packed pair or group of enemies and the Boom skill shot should be incredibly easy. Charging the Bouncer so that it literally bounces and can be kicked around makes this even easier, and will usually earn you the Sledgehammer skill shot as well.

Carpet Bombing - Bounce a cannonball at least two times before killing an enemy with it

Remember to hold down the right trigger when firing your Bouncer, then aim at the ground in front of an enemy. As long as you’re holding the trigger down, the ball will bounce a couple times and then explode upon impact with the enemy. Actually a lot simpler to pull off then it sounds, and you’ll usually earn the Trick Shot skill shot at the same time.

Trick Shot - Kill an enemy with a cannonball bounced off a wall or obstacle

Remember to hold down the right trigger when firing your Bouncer, then aim at the ground in front of an enemy (if you want a Carpet Bombing skill shot, too) or the wall next to an enemy. As long as you’re holding the trigger down, the ball will ricochet off the nearby surface and then explode upon impact with the enemy.

Bully - Detonate a cannonball to kill an enemy just after knocking them over with it

Treat this like a Direct Shot, only with the trigger held down to guarantee that the cannonball does not explode upon impact with the enemy. If you aim directly at him, he’ll be knocked down, at which point you should release the trigger immediately to detonate and earn the Bully skill shot. You’ll probably get this accidentally while attempting a Trick Shot or Carpet Bombing.

Lucky Shot - Kill an enemy with a cannonball that travelled over 100 meters without bouncing

How do you gauge 100 meters in a videogame? Watch the video above for an idea of what distance worked for us. You should be so far away that, in order to get the cannonball to hit the enemy without bouncing, you’re forced to aim the weapon much, much higher than you normally would, creating a vertical arc. Kinda like you’re firing a real-life cannon.

Meat Fountain - Kill two or more airborne enemies with one cannonball

Kicking two enemies in a row works, but thumping is the better option. You do need the thumped enemies to float very near each other for this to work, so feel free to let them fall and thump again until you have a good arrangement. Then shoot into the open space between the two bodies, holding down the trigger and releasing when the cannonball is in the sweet spot. Note that if you explode a red barrel in the same vicinity, you’ll probably only receive an Enviro-Mental.

Kick of Doom - CHARGED: Kill an enemy by kicking a cannonball

When the Bouncer is charged, its ammunition will literally bounce in place for 10-15 seconds before detonating. During that time, you can kick or leash the ball to move it around. Kick it towards an enemy for this skill shot.

Sledgehammer - CHARGED: Kill three or more enemies with one charged cannonball

The Bouncer must be charged for this skill shot to work – you can kill three or more enemies with a regular cannonball, but you’ll still only receive the Boom skill shot. Once the Bouncer is charged, however, this is easy. You can either shoot into a group of enemies for an instant Sledgehammer, or keep kicking and leashing the bouncing cannonball around until it’s killed three enemies.

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