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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Slam Dunk - Smash an airborne enemy into the ground using the Thumper

Unlock the Thumper ability for your glove, then hold down the Leash button to send enemies soaring into the sky. Pick out any of the still-airborne enemies and repeat the Thump to smash him into the ground.

Trap Shooting - Use bullets to kill a thumped enemy

Thump enemies into the air, then shoot them to death before they reach the ground. Make sure you’re using a weapon with bullets like the Screamer pistol or Peacemaker Carbine.

Flyswatter - Thump an enemy so he smashes into the ceiling or an impaler

Thumping enemies in a room with low ceilings is the simplest and fastest way to earn the Flyswatter skill shot. Instead of soaring into the air, most will die immediately upon impact above.

Fertilizer - Explode two or more thumped enemies using an environmental explosive

Thump enemies in an area that also contains explosive barrels or balls. It may take a few tries, but when you’ve got an explosive and at least two enemies floating in close proximity to each other, shoot the explosive.

Bossed - Kill a miniboss

These are the fat guys with helmets (and later, backpacks) that must be removed before killing. Finish any of them off for the Bossed skill shot.

Touchdown - Thump a stunned miniboss to his death

Remove the miniboss’s armor and then thump him. He won’t fly, but he will die. If you don’t feel like removing the armor first, one thump will usually bring the miniboss to the ground, at which point a second thump will kill him.

Fire in the Hole - When a miniboss is stunned, kick him from behind, then shoot him in the butt

That description says it all… well, almost. Once you’ve stunned the miniboss, circled to his rear and kicked off the glowing blue plate that protects his precious pooper, switch to a Screamer pistol for that final bare-ass shot. The Peacemaker Carbine never seems to work here.

Kick Off - Remove a miniboss's helmet, then when he's stunned again, kick his head off

Stun the miniboss once and remove his helmet with a kick or leash. Then stun him again and kick his now exposed noggin. Pretty straightforward.

Whiplash - Remove a miniboss's helmet, then when he's stunned again, leash his head off

Same as the Kick Off skill shot. Stun the miniboss once and remove his helmet with a kick or leash. Once he’s bareheaded and stunned again, use your leash for instant decapitation.

Stomach Pump - Kill a miniboss by firing a charged drill into his stomach then kicking it

This won’t work until you’ve removed the miniboss’s armor. Once his belly is vulnerable, shoot the charged drill and rush in for the kick before he manages to pull it out. Possibly the bloodiest skill shot in the game!

Friendly Fire - Kill an enemy by flinging them into the fire of another enemy

You’ll probably earn this without even trying at some randomly chaotic point during the campaign. To improve your chances, though, load up any area with a mixture of Flaregunners (the dudes with welding masks and charged Screamer pistols) and regular enemies, then keep leashing the regular enemies around until one is caught in the crossfire of a Flaregunner trying to blind you.

Bombshell - Kill two or more enemies by exploding a Flailbomber

Flailbombers are the kamikaze enemies with glowing red chests. They like to charge towards you in pairs and groups, so simply shooting one is usually enough to kill two or more.

Assplosion - Kill a Burnout by shooting his ass growth

The Burnouts first appear in Act 5: Chapter 2, but only about half have weak spots in the right spot. To get a better look, thump a group of Burnouts into the air and aim for ass growths as they float in slow-motion above you.

Blind Fire - Kill someone while blinded by a flare

Allow yourself to be blinded by a Flaregunner, the enemy that shoots charged Screamer ammo at your face and can’t be leashed. Then kill anyone in the area for the Blind Fire skill shot.

Discharged - Kill a Heavy Echo trooper with a charged PMC when he’s charging his

Heavy Echo troopers first appear in Act 7: Chapter 2. You can easily recognize when they’re charging their Peacemaker Carbines by the orange glow and loud humming. Be ready with your own charged Carbine and disintegrate them before they can pull the trigger.

Skyjack - Kill a gyrocopter pilot while the vehicle is airborne

Shoot wildly at a gyrocopter and you’re likely to destroy the vehicle before the pilot. To pinpoint only the man inside, we recommend the Head Hunter sniper rifle. You won’t have that weapon during your first few fights with the gyrocopters, but you will when they return in Act 5: Chapter 1.

Parashoot - Leash an enemy out of a gyrocopter and kill him before he lands

This is the quickest way to destroy a gyrocopter anyway. Leash it, successfully complete the minigame (similar to the active reload in Gears) and kill the pilot as he soars towards you in slow-motion.

Flak - Destroy a gyrocopter using an indirect explosion

You should have earned the Flak skill shot during Act 1: Chapter 1, when the game practically begged you to shoot a bunch of explosive barrels sitting right next to a gyrocopter. If not, you can repeat that moment in “The Hideout” Echo mode. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, load up Act 5: Chapter 1 and try thumping explosive balls into the air near gyrocopters.

Gotcha - Leash a Creep or Skull Flaregunner and kill them in mid air

Know those annoying enemies that always avoid your kicks and leash? Knock them off balance with a few bullets first and they’re as simple to grab as anyone else.

Full Throttle - Use bullets to kill two or more enemies without letting go of the trigger

This skill shot is almost impossible not to earn when you’re mowing enemies down with a chain gun, something that happens frequently during the game.

First In Last Out - Get an enemy airborne, kill a different enemy, then kill the first before he lands

A skill shot that will likely happen by happy accident as you play through the campaign or Echo modes. If not, however, just thump an enemy into the air and – before finishing him off – kill a different enemy on the ground first.

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