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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Headshot - Kill an enemy with a shot to the head

You don’t need our help for this skill shot. By the end of the game, you’ll have earned Headshot a hundred times or more… especially since you can earn it with weapons other than the Peacemaker Carbine.

Bullet Kick - Kick an enemy and shoot him to death in mid-air

What the game’s description says. As straightforward as Bulletstorm skill shots get. And you don’t have to use the Peacemaker Carbine to earn it.

Bullet Slide - Slide an enemy and shoot him to death in mid-air

Double-tap the run button to slide and aim for an enemy. He’ll end up in the air just as if you’d kicked him and, from there, it’s exactly like Bullet Kick. Again, you don’t have to use the Peacemaker Carbine here.

Gag Reflex - Kill an enemy with a shot to the throat

Aim a little lower than you would for a headshot and this skill shot will happen for you eventually. The enemy’s bloody gurgling is a nice reward when it does, too.

Rear Entry - Kill an enemy by shooting him in the ass

You can always aim for the backs of enemies when they’re running away from you or concentrating on a teammate, but since the first few bullets will usually cause them to turn around and face you, it can prove difficult to actually kill them this way. Luckily, this can be done with the Head Hunter sniper rifle, too… simply thump an enemy into the air and aim for his ass with the scope.

Trip Wire - Shoot a running enemy in the legs to trip him, then finish him off on the ground

Enemies love running towards you in this game, so simply make sure you aim for their legs on that initial approach. Then make sure you shoot them to death while they’re still on the ground – if they manage to regain any kind of footing, your chance is lost. We had luck with the Trip Wire skill shot at the beginning of Act 2: Chapter 1, when the first set of enemies is running down the hill towards you.

Mercy - Shoot an enemy in the balls and kick or shoot his head off

You’ll know you’ve successfully shot an enemy in the balls when he drops to his knees and clutches his junk in pain. Walk up and kick (shooting isn’t nearly as satisfying) before he recovers.

Boned - CHARGED: Kill an enemy within a moment of getting them in your sights

The game’s not lying about that “sights” part of the description. For such a powerful blast, this thing misses shockingly often, so you can’t just shoot as soon as an enemy steps in front of you. Charge the Peacemaker Carbine and wait until that exact instant when the targeting reticule turns red on a target.

Overkill - CHARGED: Execute a headshot with the Charge Shot

Same advice as the Boned skill shot, but with a little better aim or luck required. Buy enough Peacemaker charges, keep trying and you’ll earn this eventually.

X-Ray - CHARGED: Kill two or more enemies with a single Charge Shot

Since the blast from the charged Peacemaker Carbine is not as wide as you’d expect, this can be a tough skill shot to achieve. Wait until the Burnouts show up in Act 5: Chapter 2, however, and it’s easy. They love to mob you up close, and with so many weak points, a single charged shot can vaporize three or four at once. If the mob is killing you too quickly, temporarily turn down the difficulty.

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